The Journey Has Begun!

<p>So I've moved from the bayous of SE Louisiana, to the North of England, back to farmland in Louisiana, then on to Yosemite National park, to the city of Portland, OR and I now find myself smack in the middle of the countryside of Beavercreek,OR. My husband and I had originally planned on moving to the triangle area of NC so that I could help a friend and chef open his new restaurant which would be almost completely farm to table, bar chocolate and coffee.</p>
<p>It was when we flew back to Portland from visiting NC that our plans and lives dramatically changed. I found out four days after our return that I was pregnant. My mind was spinning. My husband assured me that if he could find a job that we would still make the move. Alas, that didn't happen. </p>
<p>Though....things really do happen for a reason. You really do change as a person once you become a parent or rather should change you. We had an amazing birth experience which left us with a new baby boy and a rather different sense of perspective and self. Our priorities had completely changed in an instant. We soon became agitated by things that had drawn us to our quaint little house in the Alberta Arts District in NE Portland. It's an amazing area full of life and color. We just really longed for a change and a different way of life for our little guy.</p>
<p>So we began trying to arrange a way to buy and sell in a market that was, well, for lack of a better term; flat broke. We just couldn't afford it. After weeks of depressing and frustrating conversation, it hit us. We would rent out our house and find a place to rent in the country. Our area is extremely desirable to lots of different types of folks, and very shortly we found ourselves with a long list of people who were gagging to live where we were. So we found a place with ample space on a ranch and here we are.</p>
<p>I'm now ankle deep with 23 chicks plus one on it's way from Zoomommy and building a rather huge coop. I will post pictures at a later date but I'm off to get wet and build a house for my ladies and possible gents. Nice to meet Y'all!</p>