The b. dubia colony

We are raising our own feeder insects for the girls and here are some pics of the colony.

Here are some pics from my growing colony


Three young of various ages


an adult female w/ juveniles


Female from the front


Adult female, she has short nubby wings


an adult male, his wings are large, but he cannot fly

These pics aren't the best, but hopefully you will get the idea


This is the cabinet my aquarium sits in. It was the perfect size and keeps everything contained. The mylar you see at the front should be facing in but my Husband helped me when we did the spring clean and put it back backwards.


this is the inside w/ the upper doors open. You can see the window screening used to keep enough ventilation w/o any residence getting out or other insects getting in. The rest you can see is duct tape securing everything.


Here you can see the stacked egg cartons they live in, they are stacked on one side of the aquarium farthest from the light so they can adjust there own temp as needed. You can see a few of the roaches in between.


Here you can see the side w/ the light and food/water set up. The high tech food/water dispensers are just margerine containers w/ holes cut out of the bottom. I keep the water crystal one covered so the crystals don't dry out as fast, just a metal lid for the piece of fruit, which they love. I keep a thermometer in all the time, just b/c when we did the set up w/ the heating pad we were having issues keeping it warm enough, not a problem w/ the red light, best thing we ever did was switch to the red light. The dirt stuff you see on the floor is the frass that is several months worth and it doesn't even cover the bottom of the container.
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