Babes' Hideout
This is the story of how Babes' Hideout got built.
We began with an old shed which we moved via boat trailer from the home we rent to the one we live in. We hauled the trailer with the shed on top around our house by hand and put it in its final spot using an ingenious system of pulleys and levers...all Ron's doing.
So here it is with the roof started... DSCN1692.jpg

you may note that it is indeed built on a slope. yep so is everything here! Ron designed the rebuild so that it is actually just a high enough roof to walk in...I really wanted a coop that I could go and sit in if I want and I can...but no sandals as the chooks peck my toes. Other than that perfect for meditation.
Next work on the roof commences... DSCN1695.jpg

because this coop is nearly all roof I want to point out two things about the design of it - the roof ridge is ventilated with a special webbing and Ron inserted the lexan windows right into the roofing so that there will be no leaking...
THE BABES' HIDEOUT is revealed at last...
I like lots of things about my coop - I like the light coming in the roof and in the door and how the door window opens easily to let in lots of air. There are vents built in all along the eaves and the ridge of the roof. I like how it is predator proof and with little hardware just lots of my guy's ingenuity. The funny black post in front of the door is a rubber one that stops the door from swinging right open and smashing itself! And I like to look in the window and see my babes and their fellas all cozy on their roosts. And I like the deep litter though we had to do a weird inside ledge so the pop door would still work - but we did!
here are some more pics that show these things plus a few of the babes/fellas - who knows!
The size inside is big enough for six hens and as soon as the genders are declared that is what we will have. I don't regret it being bigger because the whole point of it from where I stand is to keep it all simple. And we need no more than six hens...


one of the Marions but probably a John and
below and to the left is 'his nibs' the undisputed cock o' the walk... DSCN1754.jpg


this is our dearest Dearie...pretty sure she's a gal.
And things I'd change...hmmm...not much so far. We'll see as the time proceeds. I think we did a good job with few resources and a lot of ingenuity...cluck cluck.
The Racoon Proof Door Episode

Take out the nail and lift one lever

and then the other
and now for the POP DOOR also proof against those masked marauders of fine poultry in motion -
DSCN1710.jpg DSCN1711.jpg DSCN1712.jpg

et voila! Les peeps sont libere!

alright! nice stars now open that door!