[FONT=arial black,avant garde]I have included some pics of my babies, feathered and un....I caught both my dogs napping in front of the fan today. It was terribly hot and they do a lot of running and barking. I'm afraid they may be running off a banty rooster that got out from my neighbors coop that is trying to come over to visit my ladies. They are very serious about their patrol, well at least the big dog. Savannah my Bichon just barks because the big dog, Oswald is. She is a trip. Well enough of that...here is some pics of the babies.[/FONT]
These are the guinea babies. They are only 2 weeks old tomorrow and I'm down to 9. One is solid white and I think 3 or 4 are gray, 1 is pied and the rest are dark. I can't wait to put them back out with mama guinea. She is so sweet to watch. We relocated the coop and run to a much more shady location and it has worked better for the bigger birds, but we are in the process of lining the run with chicken wire to keep the babies from popping out. Hopefully we will get it done this week. It has been very hot so I haven't been able to put in the time I would like to.

This is bigger shot of the guineas new temporary home. My husband built this today to give the guineas room to stretch out. He made sure the sides were low enough that they could see out. Yes, he is concerned about these little birds view. He isn't crazy about the chickens but he LOVES him some guineas. Plus his argument was that the baby chickens get to go out every day to what we call the day pen for exercise and ranging. The guineas didn't do so well out there so until they get a little bigger they can't go out to play with the baby chickens.

We did feed them...lol. It looks like the feed dish is on the outside and it is. When I went to refill it there was a ton of food on the bottom that had been covered with shavings during the transfer. I just dumped it out on the floor of the clean litter and they quickly chowed down. Well after one took a dust bath in it and the others went to eating off it's back.....lol. I love watching them. This next pic is of them "watching" the chicken babies in the day pen.


[FONT=arial black,avant garde]These pics are of the chicken babies out and about in the day pen. I have no idea what most of them are. Well the turkens are easy and the white leghorns. I figure I'll figure it out as we go. Here are more of the babies....[/FONT]

[FONT=arial black,avant garde]I'm pretty sure the one above is an EE...green feet, fuzzy cheeks and all. I have 1 or 2 that are the same way but are different colored. One is dark, I'll try to get a shot of her this week.[/FONT]

Of course this is Oswald.... Protector of all. He goes with me everywhere I go after dark. He barks up a storm at night, the big blue tick bark. He is mixed with Lab and loves the water. He was adoped by my 6 year old from the humane society. He's a doll.
Well.....off to bed for me in a bit. Check out my next post since I will be adding Silkies to my mix and 3 lonely about to be homeless hens and 14, yes 14 babies tomorrow. Time for DH to get building again. I give him lots of flack about his ability to salvage lumber but so far we have about 100.00 in this whole project and that is all wire....well chicken wire and hardware cloth. We recycled welded wire from a cousin who had a dog. All the posts and wire free!!!! So I am trying to be supportive of his habits. He is known as the consumate recycler in our family and has taught our daughter words like rusty gold....lol.