Babies wih Babies: Our Foray Into Guineas

By harley587 · Aug 21, 2015 · Updated Jun 6, 2016 · ·
  1. harley587
    We don't have any chicken's yet! We are babies of the fowl parent world. However, our first guineas just arrived 2 days ago and they are 2 days old and we have 6. They are the most adorable little creatures in the world - well for us, that is. When I got home from work, my husband took me out to see them. He's afraid to pick them up and when we tried to pick them up they would scurry around to get away from us. I was eventually able to hold several. My husband went out to check on them this morning and at the sound of his voice they all ran to him. He was so exited that I forgot he's actually 52 years old and not 10! I must admit, we are very nervous parents! Thankfully we will not have to wait 18 years for them to grow into adulthood!

    8/23/15 The babies are now 5 days old and they are eating and drinking up a storm!! They are fast and loud!! And we are absolutely smitten by them! :jumpy [​IMG] 8/27/15 Oh my goodness!! these babies are a hoot!! When I walk into the coop I speak to them - basically I ask them what my little chickes are doing. They immediately respond by lining up on the other side of their brood container and march as fast as possible away from my voice. We now have to do the two person trap-catch to pick any of them up! This process starts out with one of us at each end of the brooder. One puts their hands in the brooder and the chickies run to the other end and if you are quick enough or lucky enough you can catch one of those little chickes. Otherwise it's like watching ping pong balls go back and forth trying to get away from the hands! They are eating up a storm and they are growing by the second! AND lungs, these babies got them!! :weee [​IMG] (Quick! All in a row now!! Run away! R u n A w a y !) [​IMG] (I'd like to think chickie is saying "Look Ma I Got Wings!", I think it's thinking PUT ME DOWWWNN!) 9/1/15 - Boooy o Boy!! They are growing fast!! My husband goes out and catches crickets, bags them and brings them to the brooder. The guineas absolutely go crazy when he dumps the crickets in their brooder. They are amazing at catching them. Of course they are getting bigger and starting to grow feathers! Each day is a new adventure for us! [​IMG] (look at our wings!!!) [​IMG] (look ma! I've got a cricket!!) To our surprise, they have managed to get out of their brooder. This morning we found them milling about the coop! We have now added a ramp so that they can get back into the brooder near the heat lamp and so that they can get to their food and water too. Our babies are now about 3.5 weeks old and are now foraging for their own bugs!! Daddy goes out and buys them fresh meal worms, but they now run around the yard (with Daddy's supervision) digging for all of the crickets! They are adorable and will not leave each other. There is this moving mass of 6 baby guineas from one location of the yard to another with Al (husband and Daddy) following close behind. Al is a nervous bird dad! [​IMG] Al just called me in a complete frantic panic (I'm at work!). The guinea keets are gone! All but one and that little one is screaming its little head off! I advised him that there was not much I could do while at work. Needless to say, shortly after the call, I received a mellow text noting that the guinea keets were roosting on the top of the coop. I could only say, "I guess they've flown the coop"!!! Al was not amused! 6/6/16 Fast forward into the future! Our guineas are now the mafia of our property and all of our neighbors properties! We absolutely love them and they provide us with hours of amusement and disorderly conduct. We have gotten so use to their "buck-wheats" and their "cackaks" that I can no longer go to sleep at night without their noises. They are definitely the mafia watchdogs of our property at night. [​IMG] Here we have them ruling the roost from the top location of our property!

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  1. Chickenchick11
    Congrats! They're adorable!
  2. crazyfeathers
    Congratulations. They are adorable!

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