I guess it is about time I started my own page. My DH and I started our flock in mid March 2011. It has quickly grown from 6 to 17 by August. LOL! (My chicken math is in full force). We converted half of this shed into the chicken coop but will open up the whole shed and insulate it before snow fall of this year. We might even add a small run to the other side. I hope you enjoy :)

It still needs some work but here it is! My coop. My baby pen/hutch is off to the left.

Here is beautiful Winter one of our bantam Cochins.

This is Blueberry...another one of our bantam Cochins.... I LOVE her! She's part dog/part chicken. She loves to bet petted and held.

This is Stormy our only Frizzle.

My silkies Mavis and Beullah.

The Barred Rocks....they are also becoming some little spoiled girls.

Our first Double Yolker! Yeah!