This is the Baby Album
Don'tcha miss those days? I claim my chicks were the cutest of all :)
First day!! The brooder is a tupperware box with a lid made of hardware cloth in a wooden frame. Their light is a nice heat light set on an old camera tripod over the box so we could raise and lower it (you can't see it in this pic). First I lined the box with paper towels and they liked it. The water had marbles in it to keep them from dunking themselves :) The cord leading into the brooder is the sensor for a digital thermometer.

Here is my brooder setup:
And baby photos! I don't have baby photos of my bantams because I didn't raise them.
Dolly: Petra: Ophelia:
Picture157.jpg Picture156.jpg Picture129.jpg
Sam: Gloria/Georgie:
Picture097.jpg Picture107.jpg
AND....Group shot!!