Baby Chickens

By hurleygirlie05 · Mar 18, 2012 · ·
  1. hurleygirlie05
    My husband went to pick up our 16 new baby chicks (Brown Leghorns, Americaunas and RIR's) with my daughters. My 20 month old daughter and 3 1/2 year old daughter are in LOVE and have been saying CHICKIES and telling everyone we come across about them for the past three days straight!! I captured this shot of my 20 month old reaching for one of the Brown Leghorns.


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  1. LoveNewChicks
    wow you have a good camera!
  2. hurleygirlie05
    Yes I do but I still have to know how to use it. It would be like telling a chef they have a great stove if you eat an amazing meal he prepared. I will take your comment as a compliment that you like my picture. ;o) THANK YOU!!
  3. Gomes Bantams
  4. tdgill
    adorable. Hope the chickie survived. LOL!
  5. aoxa
    This is an adorable picture! Love it!
  6. dggarner
    very sweet!
  7. hurleygirlie05
    Thanks everyone! Yes, the chick is doing great!!
  8. sandi1
    good. ;];];];];];];];];];];];]

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