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By BBCHICKS123 · Jan 29, 2017 · ·
  1. BBCHICKS123
    Here in Sandpoint it has been a cold winter. We have a great coop but some of are chickens won't stay on it no matter how hard we try, but after the main coop they have 6 other coops that they cold stay in but no they want to tuff it up and sleep in the tree, so as you can imagine it has been a year full of, frost bite, missing toenails and even some toes there has also been one disappearance a disappearance that really tugged on my heart. It was the disappearance of Sally Sunshine my presses golden sexlinke, I loved her so much. One day cold day in late November l noticed that Sally was missing l started looking for her and became more and more worried until l was balling my eyes out, l was hart broken. Around here if a chicken goes missing they have usually gotten eaten or passed of natural causes and went into the woods to do so. I was shore she had passed away l had, had Sally for 7 years,so the loss was huge in my mind. As months passed the blow started to lighten up but it still brought tears to my eyes when l would the roost right outside the her favorite spot. Today as l was walking Master Quacker(my duck long story) and l saw chicken foot prints in the snow leasing back to the main coop and when l looked up on the roost and there she was Sally sunshine. After over 3 months of being missing she was back my little girl was home again. [​IMG]
    Here a picture of my sweet girl

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  1. BBCHICKS123
    I was so depressed and than so happy
  2. QuackSpeak
    Hooray! That sounds so impossible, but there she is! I'm so happy for you, the loss must have been terrible....
  3. BBCHICKS123
    Yes l am happy they do
  4. Trefoil
    Miracles do happen

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