Back to chickens after a long hiatus.

By djpetorak · Aug 8, 2015 · ·
  1. djpetorak
    Let's see....many years ago (early 20's if memory serves me correctly), on a Friday evening in mid February after one too many beers I came home with 200 3 day old cornish cross chicks. I think I paid around 25 cents each. The following morning, sporting a huge headache, I came to my senses and realized a number of things; 1) I had no coop. 2) I had no way of keeping 200 chicks warm. 3) I was never going to drink again!

    So, off to the folks house to dig out their antique chicken brooder which still worked! The chicks lived in our walk-in pantry for a week as I built a chicken coop and a 20X30 run.

    7-8 weeks later, with a book from the library (this was the days before the internet) on how to butcher chickens, I'm butchering my first of the 196 surviving chickens. I learned a lot about raising meat birds back then....the most important lesson was not to start out with 200 chickens....10 would have way been a better choice. (rabbits, a milk goat & pigs came later but that's for another website)

    Things have changed since those days....I'm not in my early 20's...more like 60. Eating and living a healthy lifestyle is among the top priorities in our life (yup, we're still together after 38+ years...despite those 200 chickens). Store bought eggs pretty much suck so we (I) decided we were getting a few laying hens. I found a local, reputable person, and bought 3 hens about 4 1/2 months old. 2 Red Stars and an Americauna.

    So, another adventure begins. I know about raising meat birds....not so much about chickens for eggs....again, I find myself learning as I organic feed for hens is not cheap haha.


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  1. N F C
    I enjoyed your story! Good luck with the egglayers, the one you have pictured is a pretty girl.

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