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By JestDempsey · Jun 9, 2015 ·
  1. JestDempsey
    It was decided over a year ago once my city passed a bylaw to allow Backyad Chickens that I would soon get into the hobby of raising hens for eggs.

    I have a somewhat large size backyard for the city and decided I would construct a coop within a chicken run.

    This is the end results... (and ongoing building the run to be better)

    Above: The COOP after constructed with a nesting box to the left.

    Above: This is the run. At it's longest 20' and widest 12'. Left to add is a netted roof.

    Above: Barred Plymouth Rock Hens

    Above: Checking out her new coop.

    Above: Lots of room to roam in the 20 foot long run, including a perch area 3 feet high.
    Many large rocks, lots of dirt, gravel, sand and plants for shade and shelter.

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