Hey guys! I just started rasing chickens, I have four as of now.
I live in N.C! I have a standard buff cochin ( rooster and hen), and bantam Serama frizzle (rooster and

hen). They are both very playful. I collect eggs from them almost daily and I incubate them. My best friend that lives in Georgia has influenced me into chickens. I have
always loved chickens, but never done anything with them. So my friend game me 3 as a "starter". He gave me (all bantam) a silkie rooster
, and
hen, and a blue cochin. My old coop wasn't very stable, a raccoon got into it and killed all of them.
Now my dad and I have built a new coop
from scratch. We feel pretty accomplished! I plan
to raise and breed chickens for a long time. I mainly use their eggs to incubate them and
sell them as chicks.
This IS my new hobby!