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By backyardcelia · Dec 27, 2012 · Updated Dec 27, 2012 ·
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    keeping chickens since 2012...
    the older i get the more things are added to the list of things i thought i would never say/do/be. i can honestly say i never thought i would keep chickens. but i said the same thing about cats 15 years ago and i knew from the go that this was a forever thing (even though i also learned i am highly allergic). it's only been five months and i cannot imagine not having them (unless it is when thinking about, who is going to watch them when we go on that trip...).

    we got the coop the year before, an off season sale, and read and read about chicken keeping all winter long. as per usual, the theory outlined didn't necessarily make sense the sooner it came time to living breathing beings... when it came to practical matters, i realised our coop was not great other than it is pretty darned predator proof. and for a beginner, and a starter coop, what more could i ask. (oh i know, not an aching back from just opening and closing the window every day, or a design that would not get me locked in the pen during a lightning storm,and many other complaints that i already have worked out in my mind for a new spring design!)

    besides, where else would the retired ladies stay? this might be my first q. i ask on the forum (i told my husband that i refused to get the chickens until we made two decisions, 1. would we name them/have that sort of relationship with them and 2. if we/they are lucky to live so long, what will we do with them once they are through laying.... we named them and plan on letting them live natural lives, let's see if we change our mind!and praise the fates, they should live so long!) one of the first lessons i've learned keeping chickens, is the same as every other aspect of life: always keep an open mind!


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