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    Neighbors and chickens

    Are you buying some chickens? Before you do check your city laws. There might be a maximum for hen and lots of places do not allow roosters.
    If you have chicken you will have to consider your neighbors also. They might not like the smell of a dirty chicken coop. So make sure you keep your coop clean! Do not clutter your pen. And don't put the coop to close to their yard. But lots of people like chickens also...

    Taming chickens

    If you are considering getting friendly tame chicken for your backyard from a breeder, I would suggest raising them as chicks unless you are buying from somebody who only has about 10 hens that they spend time with. If you don't have time to tame chickens. Because most breeders hens are skittish and shy. You will also need to spend time with chicks in order to tame them. But chicks are a lot easer to tame than full grown hens from a breeder. But is possible to tame hens. I have done it myself, so you can do it!! HOW TO TAME A CHICKEN.
    If you are trying to tame your hens you should at least try to spend a hour in their run a day. If you can do more time that would be great! It took me about a month to tame my hens. Bringing treats for the hens is very helpful! Some of my girls were eating from my hand the first day! You should sit down and put a treat near you, they should come over and eat it. Then you can start getting them used to eating out of your hand. [​IMG] I would put some food near you and wait for the birds to start eating it, then slowly move your hand down near their face so they can see it with food in it. They should start getting used to eating from you. Its very important not to make any sudden moves. It may scare them. Soon your birds will jump on your lap for a treat!
    You can go from there!

    Clipping your chickens wings

    It Is good to clip your hens wings so they wont get into the neighbors yard. And the good thing is that the chicken cant feel it! All of my birds wings are clipped.
    These are the feathers to cut.

    Here is what the wing should look like once clipped.


    Here is a video how to do it. I hear that you only clip one wing. But I do two of them. Its up to you though.

    Bedding for Chicken coop

    Hay works best in my chicken coop. The straw, and wood chips get kicked up by chickens. You should change the coop bedding once a week probably, depending on how many hens you have.

    Making poultry nipples
    So recently I made poultry nipples with my Dad! Here's how to make them!

    What you will need

    So you will need a 5 gallon bucket to hold all of the water,
    A drill, and a 11/32 drill bit to make the holes.[​IMG]

    Poultry nipples, for the chickens to drink from.
    A wrench to tighten the poultry nipples.

    Sealant, so water doesn't leak thru.

    How to make
    Ok so first of all you will need to get out all of the things I showed you on top. Get a marker and put a dot on the places you are putting the nipples. I did four. Then drill holes in those places. Make sure when you drill the holes you drill bit isn't going in down in a angle, you want it to go straight down... Once you have the holes, cover this part of the nipples with sealant .
    Then put the nipple into the drilled hole.
    You can use the wrench to tighten them.. Keep doing this until you have them all finished. Try to tighten the nipples as tight as possible. Then you are done! Fill the bucket with water and let and put it in the run!
    Here is a video to help!
    Good luck!



    I always see threads asking if they have a pullet or a cockerel, so I thought I could start a article on sexing, Mostly pullets and cockerels. Here is a very helpful pic.
    Barred Rock.
    Pullet on left with smaller comb and darker color. Cockeral on the right, with more white than pullet, and larger comb and wattles.
    Mostly what you would look at are the comb and wattles. The comb on a cockerel are always much larger and more pinkish red. A pullet has a small comb mostly, Unless the breed has a super large comb, like leghorns for example. Also a pullets comb is a orange color unlike cockerels. Mostly pullets and cockerels are the same color, so you can't really go off that. Sexlinks are different colors though.

    Red stars links you can sex at hatch.
    Females are red, males are white.
    The yellowish white chicks are males, the red chicks are females.

    Buff Orpington Pullet. Small comb, no sign of red in comb.
    Buff Orpington cockerel. Large comb, Pinkish red comb.
    Wing sexing one day old chicks. This is really the only way to sex one day old chicks.

    This is a RIR cockerel.
    This is a RIR pullet.
    Also her is a very helpful video!


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