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    Suburban dweller with a house that takes up half the lot. The yard is then divided into front and back with narrow access on the sides.
    Work in a prairie dog world. Where we pop up from cubes to talk with team members between work and the next conference call.
    Backyard is for limited escape from city life. Once I bought this place I was quick to replace plants in the backyard with edible plants including fruit trees and bushes.
    This is still a far cry from the wide open spaces of a farm kid with activities like 4-H and showing garden produce and chickens. After college had two places in the county with chickens, goats, dogs and horse but life changes and oppunties can keep you moving.
    When I first moved to the Kansas City area I told people that "We liked to sit and watch the chickens. We found it relaxing.".
    The next step for the suburban backyard food production will be a Backyard Covey.

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