Baker's Half Dozen...just because there are 6 of us!

Hi All,
We are finally taking the plunge and purchasing our first chickens! I have surfed BYC for many years, along with many other sites, and have always anticipated having chickens "one day". We moved a year ago from Texas to Upstate New York. BIG change for us. We finished our veggie garden a couple of weeks ago, and decided we really wanted some chickens to round out our little homestead.
My wife and I have 4 kids and have ordered a total of 7 chicks, due to be delivered sometime in June. We have ordered a Buff Orpington, a Golden-Laced Wyandotte, a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island Red, and Buff Brahma, a White New Hampshire, and an Easter-Egger. We can't wait and the kids are so excited!
We've started our coop project, with lots of inspiration from the BYC coop pages and forums. Thanks to everybody who took the time to post their project photos to the forum. It will be a great resource as we progress with ours. Once we get a few more photos, we'll start posting some pics.
We are glad to finally be getting our hens and look forward to all we can learn from the folks on the BYC forum.

JUNE 2, 2011: Chicks are scheduled to arrive at the post office tomorrow! Wish us luck and healthy chicks!