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By BAMA · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. BAMA
    My Little Deuce Coop
    I called this "My Little Deuce Coop" as a play on words because; it is built as a duplex for two sets of birds (with a door if I want to have them all together). I wanted a small scale coop for reasons of cost and to keep things all around cleaner than the coops I'd used in the past (no more poo on my shoes).
    I started construction June 18th 2010 but I've been designing and making changes to my plans for quite a while.
    The outer dimensions are 6'x6' with a center wall dividing it. I also used mostly 2x2s for the framing to keep it light and to keep cost down. Figure 1 shows the front elevation. I mounted it on 4"x4"x2' pressure treated posts to keep it up off the ground.

    Figure 1 - Front Elevation

    Figure 2 - 2X2 Framing construction

    Figure 3 - Front view with the siding added
    I installed an exhaust fan inside the copula which will be hooked to a thermostat for hot days. Cost was $6 from Wal-Mart, see figure 4. I attached the plywood roof with screws. I also installed 1/2" foam insulation under the plywood.
    Figure 4 - Plywood roof with exhaust fan
    Figure 5 - Exterior mostly complete. Still need doors and ramp then I will start the run.

    Last updated July 11, 2010
    More to come!

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    Coming along nicely. Needs finishing though
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    "incomplete article"
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    Great design and looks easy to build

    The article is not complete though
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  1. joan1708
    nice! how did it turn out?

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