Bamboo Chicken House - North Florida

By MicheleWeber · May 26, 2014 · Updated May 26, 2014 · ·
  1. MicheleWeber
    [​IMG]We are first time chicken owners and recently constructed this henhouse from scratch using mostly all used or natural materials. The foundation is made with repurposed pallets and rubber mats line the floor. The giant bamboo stalks we used were growing wild near Jacksonville beach in my husband's father's backyard. The tin roof and lumber was all salvaged from leftover materials from an old chicken house and our horse barn that was built last year. The 2 cool windows were from my father-in-law's backyard shed. The round one has years of paint layers. I wish I knew it's history. For the screen door we used self closing hinges. I will edit this at a later date after we make some flower beds and add some warm touches to the entries. We love our little flock, and this design allows for nice ventilation in this very humid climate.

    [​IMG]Their outdoor tiki yard is a repurposed dog outdoor run and the roof was made with screens purchased at Lowe's. We've since hung them a bamboo swing and a few of the girls have mastered roosting on it without it swinging!

    [​IMG]The girls trying out their new roost

    [​IMG]Dizzy checking out the new digs

    [​IMG]Dot posing in her new house.

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  1. Nardo
    "Good use of repurposed building materials"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jan 23, 2019
    Nice work building this cozy coop.
  2. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Bamboo Chicken House"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
    This is super cute. Now I know what I can do with the bamboo I cut from my mom's house...thanks for the idea. Hope the girls are enjoying their bamboo coop.


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  1. celticgarden
    Looks great!
  2. Mountain Peeps
  3. CrazyChookLady5
    this is so cool!
  4. LexChix
    Very nice coop and very cute chicks!

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