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By BanavieBarns · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. BanavieBarns
    Banavie Barns

    We offer a safe haven for any unwanted, extra, aggressive, or such birds that are in need of a great forever home.
    Our small farm that will house them includes 5 Large-Small coops and adjoining runs.
    Depending on what kind of /bird it is it will be housed in a different coop + run.rooster
    1. For water foul such as Geese & Ducks, they are housed in our Main Coop & Run. (you can see pictures and a description on our website...)
    We are expanding our water foul area and putting in a pond in the Back Coop + Run area.
    2. Our Back Coop + Run area is slightly larger than our Main Coop + Run.
    3. There is also a Small Coop + Run, it was built for the spring hatches, and then once they grew up and were introduced in to the other pens, we used it for the small banties.
    4. The Quail House, a modified rabbit hutch recreated to have a off the ground dirt floor for their fun and safety, a tiled second floor to keep them cool in the Maryland heat, and a new water proof roof Covered by an Olde Worlde Look of Slate Roofing.
    ...& then we have... The Red Rooster Run...
    The Red Rooster Run is where the Roosters can freely run about a fair sized pasture, but they do have a coop to perch in at night. The Coop for them is a large 8 by 12 shed.
    To give details: The Red Rooster Run is a large run that has a flock of chickens in it. All of these chickens are roosters. No hens.

    Don’t be. The fence is high enough to keep them in, the run is large enough to give them ample space to run freely and not be in each other’s way. The Whole run and coop it’s self is far enough away from the other coops and runs that the boys are not disturbed by them to cause issues with in the flock. With no hens in the flock the boys have nothing to fight over.
    We have even noticed that the boys are actually very quiet. Other than the lack of eggs; it’s just like having a flock of hens. There are little spats when new roosters are introduced, but it only lasts a few minutes and no blood is ever drawn, we have never had to intervene and break up a fight.

    We will not buy the birds from you, but there is a contract that has to be signed. It says that they won’t be sold or killed or such by us and it gives us the legal right of ownership of it/them from you.

    If you have found yourself with just one rooster too many or five too many, just email us.
    [email protected]

    Let us know about the rooster(s), just out of curiosity we would like to know breed, age, temperament… No rooster will be refused safe haven due to age, breed, temperament, or etc…
    You are welcome to drop it/them off and see the place for yourself or we can pick it/them up (depending on the distance), if you’re more than half an hour from us we ask if you could meet us half way; to save gas on both parts.

    We also have taken in geese, Quail, Meat Chickens and Ducks in need.

    We won’t ask for a "donation" or such either. However they are much appreciated.
    Send us an email if you have questions! Visit our website:

    Thanks for caring about the animals and giving them a chance!

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