Step one, was to establish a base for the coop.
We moved the gravel until we were relatvely level
Step two, we built the floor frame from some 2x6's
that we salvaged from the old barn we are tearing down.
Step 3
The floor is 8'x4'6", so we had to use two sheets of plywood to cover the frame.
This is OK, we will use the remanant for nest boxes.
Step 4
We framed the coop at 24" centers to conserve on the 2x4 studs.
The studs are cut at 6 foot long.
Step 5
We went with gambrel style trusses. Don't ask what the dimensions and angles are, we
did this off the top of our heads. We ended up with overhang which will be OK.
This is the end with the door

We made the run from salvaged lumber also. The wire was purchased at Tractor Supply.

This is a view from farther away. It is next to the old barn we are taking down.