Bantam Bungalow
Welcome to our newest coop page and hope you enjoy the photos taken during construction.
After building our first coop "Hen Haven" we really got addicted to our chickens and
decided to build a new one for Bantams. We will call it the Bantam Bungalow.
Here are some photos of the construction progress so far.
I will update it as more work is completed.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.
Floor framing supported temporarily till concret sets.
Framing complete
Sheathing going on.
Framing completed on roof above front door opening.
Gable vent and "eyebrow" over back window to keep rain off. wife painting inbetween the studs where vents will be. Green area.
All osb in place. Openings on front are for door and side lites. On right side the top openings are for vents that will be covered with hardware cloth. Below them are two fixed windows, then the nest boxes and finally an opening for a "clean out" door.
Interior roof framing.

Another interior view showing rear window and openings for nest boxes and other fixed glass areas.
Front view with roof and siding finished.
Close up of some of the detail.
Back finished.
Green hardware cloth and trim finished over vent area.
Building the nest boxes.
Roof on nest boxes, siding finished and green painted plywood soffit in place.
Roof finished and window openings trimmed out. ready for glass.
Glass installed and doors on nest boxes.

Another view. Need to finish the clean out door below nest boxes.
Interior view of clean out door opening, nest boxes and windows. Nest boxes will have dividers and a front on them. Wall will be covered with masonite. Area below windows will have roost and poop trays.
Sooooo, thats it up till today, 10-20-2011 Has been 9 days of work so far, some days only 4 hours or so and some 7-8 hours. I work non-stop once I get on a roll, so have really gotten alot done for one person. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she loves the way it is turning out so far.
More photos to come.
Erik and Judy
Update as of 10-26-2011
Got the sheet vinyl floor down, score this remnant at Lowes for $13.50. Sweet deal.
Chains installed to hold up nest box doors. Also installed clean out door.
Nest box dividers in, front on nest boxes(vee shape to fronts discourages roosting) and round stock as entry roost for boxes.
1/4" luan installed on wall before roost made from 1" x 3". They can look out the windows and see the sun come up.
Front door built from 3/4" plywood and 1" x 4" lumber.
Door painted and hung. Installed latch and handle as well. Metal threshold below door also.
Here is pop door I built today. It is 1/8" aluminum set in track made from aluminum angles. Trimmed out with cedar to match rest of coop. All metal will be painted green to match color scheme.
Interior view of pop door. It will be hooked to an Add-A-Motor D20 and timer for automatic operation.
Well thats it for now. Still need to finish the siding and trim on left side of coop and build the run. Will add photos as I complete the work.
Update 10-28-11
Got the copper rooster weather vane up on the roof this morning. Not supposed to be doing work due to back issues says my doctor, but just can't sit around. Wife is gonna kill me when she gets home. Oh well.

Another view.
More photos to follow once I can get back at it after resting my back for awhile. For now the girls that will be living here are in it now, using it as a grow out house. Will work on run soon and hope to be finished in time for them to be needing some leg room.
So, decided to suprise the wife alittle more after I did the rooster on the roof and came up with this for the front door.
Had the folk art chicken that I picked up at a flea market several weeks ago. Went to Hobby Lobby and got some wooden letters, the hearts and egg. Also found the cast iron Welcome sign and brackets in upper corners. Painted the letters, hearts and egg and shot them to the door with small pneumatic trim nailer.

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