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By Bantam Chase · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Bantam Chase
    Can I have a page if I dont' have chickens? SURE I can! 'Cause there's a big YET involved!

    I'm a townie (not for long!) and had to send the girls up to my parents' farm when I got busted 2 years ago. Our house is sold, settlement is on/before Aug 31st, and them we're moving to the country! Yippie! The FIRST thing I'm doing, even before I unpack my underware, is getting chicks. Actually, that's a lie - I"m getting them before I move. The incubator is up and running now, I"m doing a test hatch with some local mutt birds, then will order eggs for a mid-september hatch.
    So, in 500 words or less there's my page. There's no Bantam Chase Farm, there's no back yard chickens, there's no real webpage... YET.
    I'll be having a running blog about the development of the farm... (if you can call 1.3 acres a 'farm') at :)

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