It was a sunny March afternoon. I was sat at the kitchen table hugging a warm cup of tea, contemplating my looming redundancy from my job as a Biomedical Scientist wondering what the future will hold, when a familiar sound came from the garden. One I hadn’t heard for a few months over the winter period. Looking out of the window I could see Veronica, my Lavender Pekin cackling at the top of her voice out of the coop pop hole, informing all that would listen she had laid an egg. With a smile on my face, I wondered down the garden to collect the still warm egg and bring it back to the kitchen to put in the fridge. A space was available in the shop bought egg box amongst the remaining shop bought eggs I’d been consuming over winter. For some reason that day it didn’t seem right for it to go in there and so my plight to find a Bantam egg box began.

After I exhausted every conceivable Google search relating to Bantam boxes, I found nothing. How could this be I thought, am I missing something? If they don’t exist why is this? Maybe I could make my own, this could be a new venture off the back of my redundancy. After several months of research, I found a manufacturer and went about designing and compiling what I wanted. Late November 10000 egg boxes turned up at my door. Oh, my goodness I thought what have I done and where am I going to put them all? My friend designed a website to sell them from and so off I went to test the field to see if anyone would want my Bantam egg boxes. I started selling them to chicken keepers in the UK but soon got several requests from abroad. Australia, America and all over. Gaining lots of positive feedback, along with lovely pictures of customers using them and making their own labels to put on them I am very proud of my beginnings. I am inspired for the future to expand my range, with new colours and maybe even some different Bantam products. Bantam boxes can be purchased from