Say Hello to our Bantam Mottled Cochins. They arrived on May 14, 2007 from MMH. They live with our 5 Easter Eggers, 3 Silver Sebrights, 2 Black Tailed Buff Jap's and our SSH. We ordered them for their beautiful coloration as well as the fact that they are known for being good broodies and I want to hatch my own chicks this coming spring.
They are laid back, for the most part. We do have one cockeral who loves to keep the drama going. Our other cockeral is smart and enjoys hanging out with the ladies, minding his own business.
4 days old:

3 weeks old:
6 week old pullet:
9 week old cockeral (bottom) & pullet:
16 week old pullet:
17 week old cockeral:
19 weeks, 4 days old pullet with her first egg (9-28-07):
25 1/2 week old cockeral and pullet...
Size and color of MC eggs:
A rare shot of them hanging out together:
I will update this page as they mature on their way to adulthood.
12-02-07: Sold all 5 MC's to a wonderful family, who we are keeping in contact with. I miss them dearly, but I now have an incubator so I am thinning the flock to make room for our future Silver Spangled Hamburgs. I told myself that I didn't want to raise chicks in the winter and have managed to talk myself into doing just that! Sigh....
Dawn & Skip