Tips For Raising Silkie Bantams​
Silkies are a wonderful addition to any family or coop. They have wonderful dispositions, and brooding qualities. I am a fairly new poultry raiser but i have already fallen in love with the breed. My main goal with this page is to provide tips and information about the breed that are helpful to any 4H-er's.
First if you have decided on showing a silky this year i applaud you on your wonderful choice. The American Poultry Association has released a show standerd for the silkies. The recognized silkie colors are: Partridge, Buff, Black, Splash, Grey, and White. A newer coloring is called Cuckoo Maran. These silkies contain a gene that causes barring in their feathers such as that in a Dominque. The Silkies are in the feather-legged Bantam class. When picking out a silkie that will be used for show look for black skin coloring, typically blue earlobes,and five toes on each foot.