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  1. bantambury
    As of right now, 8/21/15, i have 12 chickens in three different coops. 3 roosters and 9 hens all together.

    My smallest coop was recently built around May.
    This coop holds my 2 boys, Carl and Ivan, and their girls Nugget, Turnip, Mouse and Enid.

    [​IMG] Nugget, the Easter Egger

    [​IMG] Mouse, the Dutch Bantam

    [​IMG] Ivan, the Dutch Bantam

    [​IMG] Enid, the Dutch Bantam

    [​IMG] Turnip, the Bantam Cochin

    [​IMG] Carl, the Dutch Bantam

    I adopted nugget after a school's agri-science class had hatched her from a My pet Chicken egg. she had a hatch mate but he sadly passed. Once i got her i had the intentions of getting a speckled sussex chick to go with her, but once i found the 5 bantams at tractor supply i had to get them! haha

    This is the medium sized coop of the 3, built about 2 years ago for NYD chicks. since that flock has been sold, my remaining bird from my second flock, Pumpkin, lives there. she refuses to be with other chickens and if she is, she will sit in the corner all day and eat the egg she lays. when Pumpkin is in her mansion coop, she is let out every other day to free range in the nearby pumpkin plant.

    [​IMG] Pumpkin, the Easter Egger New Hampshire Red cross

    Finally, my largest coop, built back in 2010 for my first flock of black australorps. since then, ive had many birds in there, and it currently holds my silkies and silkie crosses.

    [​IMG] Milkshake, the Silkie Japanese Bantam cross (who is in a molt)

    [​IMG] Bemmie, the silkie

    [​IMG] Timothy, The sizzle silkie (who is in a molt)

    [​IMG] Malt, the Silkie Japanese Bantam cross

    [​IMG] Mandy, 50% sizzle silkie, 25% japanese bantam, 25% silkie (who is in a molt)

    recently, Nugget has laid her very first egg! is a beautiful basil green color!
    since she is only a few weeks older than the other pullets in her coop, hopefully they shouldnt be too far from laying!

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  1. krisirose
    Beautiful birds! Is there any reason that you have the silkie japanese bantam mixes? And are there any updated photos of Milkshake?
  2. Brookliner
    All your birds are beautiful.
  3. emma p
    They are beautiful! Wonderful pictures as well. Ivan is very handsome!

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