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    Temperament:Tame & Docile
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    Sultans are fancy ornamental chickens and one of the more unique breeds of poultry. They originated from southeast Europe and became known in Turkey as Seral-Taook ("fowl of the sultan"). Sultans were, most likely because of their appearance, the preferred breed of Turkish rulers. Sultans were imported to England from Istanbul in 1854. The bantam form was bred in the U.S. from Standard sized Sultans. The American Poultry Association recognizes white Sultans in the Miscellaneous class. Currently there are no other known colors or patterns.

    Sultans are bred for exhibition and make poor layers or meat birds. They lay an average of 70 small white eggs a year. They hardly get broody and are not known for their mothering skills.
    Sultans are calm, non-aggressive, private birds. They make poor foragers and are better suited for confinement than most breeds. Sultans make good pets. The main reason to have this breed is for their gorgeous appearance.

    Sultans have V-shaped combs. Wattles and earlobes are small and tend to be hidden by the facial feathering. Sultans have feathered legs, a full crest, muff and beard, vulture hocks (Vulture hocks are long stiff feathers protruding down and back from the hock joint.) and 5 toes. They have white skin. They are not very hardy. Sultans can fly higher than 6 feet so wing clipping may be needed to keep them grounded.
    -- Daniel M. Garcia

    Photo by Alex Brill, submitted by Gary Lawrence

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  1. Bantu
    At what age can you tell the sex? I have a 10 week old with a pink comb that is tiny.
  2. ClickerChick
    I have one of these, and she is really sweet and tame. I love sultans!

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