Just raising my children and my chickens . It's a work in process right now. I have currently a trio of light brahma chickens , a pair of porcelian silkies. A pyncheon hen, A red brown partridge hen. A bunch of chicks. Red frizzle cochin x mille fleur d'uccle chicks and mille fleur x red frizzled cochin chicks lol..
I have a wheaten ameraucana x frizzled cochin chick. One black, blus splash ameraucana, blue ameraucana x cochin , and a black silkie x ameraucana chick. One welsummer chick, two white silkie chicks. They are almost a month old. Then I have a columbian wnyadotte x black silkie chick, a partridge silkie, a black and buff silkie chick, and a little black silkie. Almost a week old. Currently hatched red brown partridge silkie x mille fleur d'uccle chicks three of them so far.. I would like to work on the silkies so I'm hoping what I have in silkies are girls so I can put them with my porcelain silkie rooster and sell those eggs.
I have with my light brahma rooster three easter egger hens. I have also buff opringtons not sure if I have a rooster or not yet lol they are two months old :) working on that project to. I have four indian runner ducks two drakes and two hens. three are chocolate, and the other drake is fawn and white. I have a mallard hen and a Chinese brown goose.. I'm trying to get more breeding trios or pairs and work my way up.