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By urbanchickenzz · Mar 4, 2014 · Updated Mar 4, 2014 · ·
  1. urbanchickenzz
    Hello everyone! I am brand new to chicken keeping, and I just made my first brooder. I wanted to share it with y'all because it may help some other newbies. First, a very simple supply list.
    1. Storage Container (it seriously doesn't matter)
    2. Some chicken wire
    3. A few mini zip ties
    4. A drill
    5. A large box cutter
    6. Wire cutters
    7. Plyers
    8. A positive attitude[​IMG]

    Step #1.
    The first thing you do is get the lid of your container. You measure the length of the lid and decide (about) where the middle is. Next, take your box cutter and cut half of the lid off.
    NOTE: You don't cut the part of the lid that will "attach" it to the rest of the container.

    Step #2.
    Next, take your piece of the lid (the piece you just cut off) and line it up accordingly with your chicken wire. Cut your chicken wire to the appropriate size.

    Step #3.
    Take your newly cut chicken wire and see if it matches up with the whole you cut in the lid.

    Step #4.
    Drill holes along the sides of the whole in the lid (so you can fasten the chicken wire on using zip ties).

    Step #5.
    Start fastening your chicken wire to the lid. Use the zip ties to do this, and stick them through the wholes you just drilled.

    Step #6.
    Cut off the long bits of zip tie. This is when you plyers come in handy, because if there are any sharp edges on the wire, you either trim them or bend them out of the way.



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