Howdy partners! This is a story about my chick Barfy Bella and my 2 dogs, Opie and Willow. Please enjoy!
P.S. There are no parts in this story containing meanness, such as the story of Speckles and Cosmo.
Bella ran around her pen frantically, wondering how to get out. "Move!" Bella commanded the fence in a tiny voice. "Now!" "Will I have to kick you...?" Then, at that moment, there was a loud, very loud, noise. BANG! CLANG! Bella knew what happened right away. Dodger saw the intruders and crowed. "DOGS!!!" Bella ran out of the run, into the playpen, staring at the dogs. "What are you doing, Barfy?" Opie barked. "Checking you two out. I like those floppy things." Bella peeps, jumping onto Willow's head and pecking her ears. She did the same with Opie, but they didn't run away. Not yet. They weren't as small as crazy Cat Cosmo, who Speckles had easily outran. The dogs were the size of 2 bear cubs. So she suddenly jumped onto Opie's back, her claws scratching him, and she hopped onto Willow's back, doing the same thing she did with Opie. Then instantly the 2 dogs ran back from where they came from.