Barn Corn Crib Chicken Coop

By randombrad · Nov 6, 2015 · Updated Dec 9, 2015 ·
  1. randombrad
    Beyond the divider is the old section of the chicken coop. I added 3 lights above.
    Only one of the 3 lights have this protected light fixture. I plan to replace the other two down the road.
    I filled in some of the gaps with boards.
    Added insulation on the lower sections in preparation for winter.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Added Plywood over the insulated area. Also made the wood at an angle so the chickens wouldn't roost on areas I didn't want them to.

    I made a roll out nesting box. This time the nesting boxes are lower than the roosting bars which show up later.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Added the feeder. I made it so additional sections could be added later on. I also didn't glue most connections, so I could change it up in the future. I just screwed the connections together.

    Roosting bars. I still need to add a ramp up to it. but in the mean time I've added a branch and going to see how many birds fit comfortably on it. The entrance to the coop is close to the roosting bars. So that's why the bars are compact.

    I bought an old screen door for a dollar and added the wooden slats. For the winter I'm going to add insulation to block wind from blowing in this side of the coop.

    here are the chickens enjoying the new space. The small door leads out to a protected run.

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  1. Bnemi
    I see. I need to make these.
  2. randombrad
    I uploaded a picture of a chicken in the laying box. I made it small enough that hopefully two chickens don't try to go in. But I was prepared if I needed to make them bigger.
  3. Bnemi
    So your chickens go into those small holes to lay in??
  4. crazyfeathers
    I like your roost idea, i may make a similar one. Thanks

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