[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]Barnevelders[/FONT]​
These pictures of our Barneys and eggs were taken a couple of weeks ago. We have 14 hens with 3 roosters. They are 9 months old and have been laying beautiful, darkbrown eggs for the past 2 months. We have checked fertility and hatched 27/28 eggs last week. The next batch is set to come off the last week of this month.
Barnevelders make excellent pets. They lay well even in the cold and wet, are very friendly by nature and easy to handle. We are breeding for distinct lacing pattern and darkest egg color.
We are sharing these eggs as our incubator can only hold 180 at the time
. Our eggs are available shipped or by scheduled pick-up. We live in central Alabama about 2 minutes from the interstate. If you have any questions or comments please email us at [email protected] .
Thank you for taking a look at our Barneys!