Eggs currently available from these birds -
My birds free range everyday. They are fed quality feed along with treats.
Leghorns have a LARGE comb, so if you live where it is very cold, they may need some protection.
My rooster is calm, he has yet to act aggressive to humans, but is very good with his girls and will run off cats or dogs who get too close.
I don't handle him much, we respect each other and it works well. I can handle him if picked up from the roost, but he prefers not to be touched.
He is very fertile. Every egg I crack has a bulls eye and every egg I've incubated as developed.

Rooster - Jacob - Light Brown Leghorn
his coloring is stunning, the picture does not do it justice.
The Girls - Light Brown Leghorn; Buff Orpington; Barred Rock; Rhode Island Reds and Silver Laced Wyandotte
This is a female Light Brown Leghorn - she lays large white eggs almost daily - average 6 eggs/week
What the chicks look like -
Light Brown Leghorn cross Barred Rock - 2 days old
Light Brown Leghorn - approx 6 weeks
Light Brown Leghorn cross Buff Orp - about 2.5 weeks
nothing wrong with her foot, she was just scared and wouldn't stand up
Egg Sample