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Pig, Rabbit, Chicken, and Goat Rescue

We started out raising the APBT/Amstaff for show and pleasure. Two years ago we had the opportunity to get two registered pygmy goats, a doe and wether. Having pygmy goats is the most fun you can have! A year ago we started getting in unwanted goats and chickens, now we have 11 rescued chickens and four of our own original chickens. I have done dog rescue and now wanted to try different animals. This farm has turned into a circus with all of the animals and their noises! I have so much fun with these "kids", it's unbelievable. The animals who come here will stay here for their lifetime. The hens lay a nice amount of eggs for us and the goats keep the property free of brush. The pig likes to help out by rooting up the property so we can have a garden again in the spring.


This is Rooter, he came to last year because the owner couldn't keep him anymore. He was raised on a bottle and with dogs, so he acts like a dog!


Sandy, NPGA registered doe. Sandy came to us two years ago when her owner had to move. As you can see she will sleep any where she can get comfortable, even in the kid bike trailer!