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By barrenfield · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. barrenfield
    13 stray cats, 8 leftover from a litter great pyrenees, 1 dropped off english setter, 5 inherited thoroughbred mares, 1 stallion thoroughbred that didn't sell, 1 thoroughbred mare that didn't sell, 3 thoroughbred yearlings headed for Keeneland, 1 spotted saddle horse gelding with ringbone, 1 dropped off by my daughter TN walking mare, 1 never picked up for my granddaughter pony, 2 miniature donkeys that worked their way into my heart, 15 good for nothing because I couldn't bring myself to sell meat animals boer goats, 1 miniature dachshund whos been here forever and 6 new barred rocks aka "The Rockettes" aka "The broiler chicks."

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