Bath Time With Baby

  1. dancesWchickens
    Bath Time For Mom, Chicken Style

    Is it just me or do all moms go through "bath-us interruptus"?? As in....your kids are never so interested in you as when you take a bath...maybe I'm anthropomorphizing....

    ↓ Kid: What are you doing, mom? [​IMG]
    Kid: Mom? Mom? [​IMG]
    Mom: I'm taking a bath, honey. [​IMG]
    Mom: [...]I just want to be alone for 10 minutes...please...[​IMG]
    Kid: Wait, I wanna take a bath too, mom! [​IMG]
    Kid: Can I help you take a bath, mom?[​IMG]
    Mom: [....please just 10 minutes...] [​IMG]
    Kid: Can I take a bath with you, mom? [​IMG]
    Kid: I really want to take a bath with you, mom! [​IMG]
    Kid: I'm helping you, mom!!! [​IMG]
    Kid: I like taking a bath with you, mom! [​IMG]

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