Bath Time for Mr. Chicken
We got a very nice white silkie from the lady down the road, but he had been in a pen with quite a few other chickens and was dirty and stinky. His feathers were so muddy that he didn't really look like the fluffy silkie we knew he could be, so it was bath time!
We did some research online about the best way to go about it and just used baby shampoo to wash and a vinegar solution to dip him in to rinse. We read that the vinegar gives them a nice shine. It worked very well!


Unfortunately we didn't think to take any "before" or "during" pictures. Here he is after his bath getting a nice blow dry!

To get his belly dry Tyler flipped him over on his back and set him in his lap upside down. Believe it or not, Mr. Chicken just layed there and enjoyed the heat! Funny stuff!

Mr. CLEAN Chicken! What a handsome boy!