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    What is a Battery Hen? By GoldenSparrow
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    Both pictures taken from Courtesy of Emma

    Battery hens are the hens that lay the cheep eggs you buy at most grocery stores. They spend there whole life in a cage so small they can not even spread there 32 inch wing span. They share this cage with four to six hens. There they will spend their short 72 week life laying eggs for you. In return they will be taken to slaughter.

    Picture. Courtesy of Brightside Farm Sanctuary

    The Need for eggs
    The point of having them in tight cages is so they can pack as many hens, and receive more eggs with as little space as needed. The cages are stacked very high. Often hens die and because there are so many birds, somtimes they are not seen and actually decay in the cages with the other living hens! many times the eggs layed roll on top of the dead birds. These type of egg industries dont care much for the hens. They only want to make the money.

    Picture. Courtesy of Brightside Farm Sanctuary

    Hen Heros
    Help the Battery[​IMG] Hens By...

    1. (If you need to) Buy Eggs,
    Which have the certified humane label on them, "which includes nutritous diets without antibiotics or hormones, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors." For more information about this label please go to or, when needed buy eggs from a person with well cared for chickens!
    2. Help Spread the News!
    A lot of people have never heard of a battery hen. many people eat eggs without knowing what has happened to the hens that laid the eggs. I believe that people should know the truth behind the egg industries. You can help the hens by telling people about the cruelty and abuse these hens have suffered. The more people who know, can stand up for whats right! Help stop animal cruelty! Together we can make a difference. Battery Hens need our Help!!!
    3. Adopt
    Having chickens is a wonderful joy. It is no nice to watch your very own chickens live a truly happy life. You can even adopt ex-battery hen. They may look like feather less hens at first, but in just a few weeks new feathers will grow. your ex-battery hens, will also so start to lay eggs. There is nothing like farm fresh eggs!

    Where to Adopt Battery Hens in the USA?

    Adopting battery hens in the USA is a bit tricky, and may take some work.
    However, because you are not a large animal rescue you have a better chance at adopting or buying a few.

    There is a few things you can do. You can contact some rescues (try the ones I listed below ) you can talk to egg farm/industrys, or you can try to find a Live Poultry Market near you.

    Egg farm/Industry
    First find a few egg farms near you. Call them and ask if it is possible to buy a few of their spent hens at the end of the laying period.
    Do not ask for battery hens.

    You can usually tell if the farms have battery hens by the egg cartons. If the eggs are cheep, and do not say cage free, or free range, they most likely came from battery hens. If the cartons have a drawing of hens in a field or something like that, it doesn’t mean their free range.

    Some egg farm/industries will not sell their hens, because they do not want the public to see the shape the hens are in.

    I have looked everywhere for a battery hen rescue in the USA, but there are not many. Some animal rescues get battery hens, by finding escape hens ect...

    California: Animal Place link
    Farm Sanctuary link California, New York:
    New York: Woodstock Animal Sanctuary link
    United Poultry Concerns link Virginia:

    Chicken Run Rescue link
    The Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary & Education Center, Inc.
    Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center

    Sunnyskies Bird and Animal Sanctuary

    Live Poultry Markets

    If you find a Live Poultry Market near you, make sure you tell them that you want the birds ALIVE. They will slaughter them right there for you. Most of the time, these places have ex battery hens.
    The birds are kept in horrible conditions, so be brave. Battery hens are almost always completely featherless, and debeaked.
    But dont worry they bounce back well.

    I hope this information helps you.
    Please let me know what you decide to do? and keep me updated.
    God bless you for wanting to help these poor hens.


    PS. It may seem like a lot of work, but just think of the hens you will be helping

    Storys of Battery hens
    These are some Storys about Battery hens


    More information on Battery hens

    Help_battery_hens Member page


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    Thank you
    PM me if you would like to adopt some battery hens . I might be able to help you.


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  1. tjo804
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 1, 2018
    I was unaware that adoption or rescue was even an option for these ladies.

    Thank you for sharing this topic

    Great article
    God Bless your service


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  1. LindaNL
    Great page! Thanks for the information!
    I come from Holland, and adopting ex-battery hens is getting so 'hot'! Each time there are more chicken resques launched, and they are in the news (tv and articles).
    I would really like to start a chicken resque myself some day (in the USA), hope I can get some people helping me with this :) (when the time is right!)...
  2. MyLoveableChick
    i need to talk with these egg producers.
  3. Sylviaanne
    Do you know of any around Ozark, Missouri that will sell or even better give the hens away?
  4. DuckRaiser
    I have my own, non-abused, free range hens and I plan on buying four or five battery hens, as much as I can take. Mean, mean people. I want to run a battery hen adoption center.
  5. kelly77
    The craigslist link is not working. Could you tell me where I can adopt a few hens?
  6. roostersandhens
    I am creating a Battery Hen rescue (Happy Hen Chicken Rescue) and I will be getting my first group of girls on Monday!
  7. Transit
    This is just so terrible! Why would anybody do this! It is so inhumane! My chickens are my babies and the only problem I have with them is that they are so FAT!
  8. Katelin
    I just got my first flock today and I am considering rescueing a couple of these ladies. so sad how humans are so cruel if you think this is bad look at some horse slaughter videos. they render the horses alive in most cases.
  9. Help_battery_hens
    love your page i will def link it to my website when it goes live if thats ok. i can put you as a point of contact for people who are interested in more info in the USA?
  10. anbsmom
    Oh, Dear! How very sad for these poor hens. I new things were bad, but not this bad. This is why we have our own chickens. So sad.
  11. Snowygirl
    AWESOME!!!! \m/ (>.<) \m/
    (rock on!!!)
  12. GoldenSparrow
    Thank you all for commenting
    Please let me know if My page is helpful?
  13. chickenlover91
    @OkChickens, Hello, I saw that you asked "do hatcheries do this or do only egg producers?" Good Q! It all depends on what kind of hatchery it is, egg bird hatchery, or meat bird hatchery. So I will start with the egg bird hatchery. Egg bird hatcheries can be very cruel to their chicks! When they are born they are put on this moving table like-thing were humans separate boys from girls, since boys don't lay eggs they will either be chopped up alive, or put in a trash bag with hundreds of other chicks to suffocate. The girls will be thrown into their cages were they will live there life until the factory does not want them and then they will be sent to the butcher :( Now meat bird hatchery. Meat bird hatcheries will look for the biggest chicks; if the chicks are not big enough than they will be killed, and the chicks that do survive will be put on meds that will make them get really fat really fast! For a lot of them this medication will be leading to young death from over growth. The chickens that do live will live a short life and then be butchered for meat. I hope this answered your Q! P.S not all factories do the above but most do.
  14. Triplell
    I too wish to adopted some of these poor chickens. We have some producers not far from here. In fact I just saw a truck load of them going down the road with no complete encloseures and it was like 10 degrees outside plus the wind!!!! BUUUUURRRRRR, how does one go about getting some of these hens? I have 11 hens already and want more.
  15. OkChickens
    That is unreal do hatcheries do this or do only egg producers? What is the point of having them in cages? To have more space to stack them? Is there not any laws against caged birds like this?
  16. AnimalsComeFirst
    Woot woot! Nice job! :D
  17. GoldenSparrow
    How do you all like my Page???
    Please comment, and for more info, please PM me.

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