For the players of BOE that haven't been on within the last eight weeks. They will be moved back here when they post again.

Black Panther:

Name: Erik
Empire: Terellian
Appearance: Centaur; human part is a short-brown-haired male with a tight braid falling from behind his left ear, dark brown eyes, and muscular body. Horse part is shiny mahogany-colored deep bay on a large, equally muscular warmblood-style body with slight feathering on his pasterns. He has an irregularly shaped bright white patch on his left flank.
Other: Erik is a sharpshooter, but he regularly only uses his bow at long range. He enjoys the challenge of a fight so he is more likely to charge in with his sword; though he is not particularly agile and has a difficult time matching the movements of smaller opponents. Erik is deaf in some frequencies.
Username: BlackPanther

Name: Corin
Empire: Terellian
Appearance: Centaur; human part is a fair-skinned light-emerald-eyed female with long, wavy blue-black hair; horse part is rich blood bay with much-braided tail on a small Arabian-type body.
Crew Members (optional):
Other: Corin is a naturally-occuring Siren. She is quick, dextrous, agile, and strong, but at the cost of her stamina. Her weapon of choice is the longbow, although she does carry a shortsword and is adept enough with it to defend herself at close quarters. Corin is also nightblind.
History (optional):
Corbian Ability (only if your captain has breathed earth air, then breathed Corbian Gas): None
Username: BlackPanther

Dubstep Chicken:

Name: Shanna.
Empire: Terrellian Quadrantacle [If CHIC CAN Approves.]

Appearance: Shanna is slim, and tall, standing at 6'8, Her plasma lines are orange, the gem on her forehead is orange as well, the plasma lines on her skin are orange, as is her armor, she has deep green eyes, she has a well muscled, well built body, she has lightly tanned skin, and the family crest of a red helmet. She has two energy discs. [Like tron. Except lined with energy when activated.
Personality: Shanna is bold, she is not afraid to speak up, but is loyal and honorable, she is amazing in fighting, and is good enough to fly a shuttle, but you wouldn't ask her to do fancy flying, she is very open with her past, and is not shy around other people.
Rank: Crew Member.
Ship: Preferably one of CHIC CAN's Captains.
Username: Dubstep Chicken

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