Battles of the Empires

By Chic CAN · Feb 19, 2014 · Updated Feb 22, 2014 ·
  1. Chic CAN



    1: I, OwlLover, run this RP. Chic CAN and miss heny are admins. What we say goes.
    2: Do not be rude; if you have a problem with someone, do not deal with it on the RP, deal with it through a PM.
    3: NO DRAMA OR TEMPER TANTRUMS OOC. (e.g. "Fine, ignore me!" or, "I'm thinking about quitting this RP...") You have no idea how annoying this is!!! If you have a problem with how the RP is going, PM me nicely with no whining and I will try and fix it.
    4: You cannot control another person's character, not even a little.
    5: Chic CAN and miss heny are admins. When OwlLover is offline, they will accept Empires and settle disputes. They won't be dictators, but if they ask you to do something, please listen.
    6: If you join, please actually RP once in a while. It's disheartening when someone joins, makes two posts and then leaves without another word.
    7: No major plot twists without my consent. I have plans for major plots and Galactic Wars, and I don't want random ones too. No, you cannot take over the galaxy or have the main villain unless I say you can.
    8: Love is allowed, just don't get, erm, inappropriate. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Mind BYC rules.
    9: I don't really mind swearing. Just please star the vowels out, and don't say them over and over.
    10: If you have a problem with the way another person is RPing, please PM me so I can resolve any conflicts.
    11: One Corbian ability per character! I am tired of saying this! Corbian ability-replicating Corbian abilities are allowed; however, they cannot keep other character's Corbian abilities. If the race can have natural born abilities, your character may have both as long as it does not make them impossible to defeat. The Corbian Ability can be very strong, but so obscenely powerful that they cannot be defeated.
    12: Your character cannot be insanely strong (unless it is a Corbian ability). Your character cannot smash a gun to pieces with only their fist, or pick up a 500 pound boulder without a Corbian ability.
    13: I reserve the right to change the plot, rules, etc as often as I please.
    14: Your race cannot be ridiculously fast, strong, etc Yes, they can be swifter or stronger than most others. No, you cannot have the strongest in the entire galaxy. No picking up Centaurs as if they weigh nothing more than a sheet of paper, and armies cannot double in size every week. No "Perfect" races, either.
    Not a rule, but something you should know: The galaxy is not always a nice place. Evil forces, such as the Dark Shards and Night Cats, are cruel, dark-hearted, and dangerous. They WILL kill you if provoked. It is not a smart idea to waltz into their territory, start taking them on by yourself and playing the great, strong, fearless, noble space captain act.

    15: Do not chat in game thread. Please use BOE chat thread Thank you :)

    Combat Rules

    1. No insta-healing, or dodging every single attack. This defeats the whole purpose of fighting in the first place. Get wounded once in a while. We're not going to get anywhere in this RP if we can't win or lose a fight/battle.
    2. For the love of chickens, use your common sense in a fight. DON'T deal fatal injuries to someone else's character, such as slitting their throat without their okay. I really shouldn't have to say this.
    3. Be realistic when fighting. A single measly ship is not going to destroy a whole fleet, and if a single person is going up against 6 others, you know how that's going to end. It doesn't matter how strong that one person is.
    4. Characters cannot go fighting forever. Blood loss, wounds, exhaustion, etc should be acknowledged and take their toll. Characters cannot fight for 3 hours and still go on like they just drank a redbull and joined the fight.
    5. You CANNOT freeze another character or leave them unable to fight back. NO EXCEPTIONS! Do NOT break major bones such as the spine, skull, or legs in fights.
    6. ASK before killing or crippling another person's character. It is THEIR decision, not yours. DO NOT pressure them into killing their character if they do not want to.
    7. You cannot win every single fight/battle. It gets disheartening after a while.
    8. Only 1 out of 5 attacks may be dodged; wounds must be at least as bad as a small bruise or paper cut.
    9. Maximum 2 blows per post. No more.
    10. Shields, armor, weapons, etc. are not indestructible.

    Please PM OwlLover if you have any questions. I know this is a long list, but this has become such a big RP and we've hit some bumps in the road that have forced me to post these.

    Galactic Code

    1. Permission must be requested and granted before crossing another Empire's borders. The only exception is when an Empire sends out a distress call, and even then, it is preferred that you spend as little time there as possible.
    2. Trespassing ships MUST be questioned before they are attacked. If they are hostile, or refuse to leave if they serve no purpose, only then may they be attacked. Even if they are on another Empire's territory, if they are not questioned it is considered an act of war against the Empire that they belong to. The only exception is when a ship is instantly hostile without questioning (see #4).
    3. Allying large, evil organizations or figures automatically ties an Empire with that organization or figure. Even if they have not committed acts of war against another Empire, they will still be targeted.
    4. Threats, firing barriers around ships, or unauthorized teleportation on a ship inside another Empire's territory are considered attacks, with the exception of allied Empires. Attacks may and will be responded with retaliation, even if the attackers have not been questioned. Attackers may be interrogated, imprisoned, or killed without the authorization of the Empire that they belong to if they are on another Empire's territory.
    5. The collection of any information on another Empire without the authorization of that Empire is considered spying and is an act of war. If discovered on that Empire's territory, spies are to be killed or imprisoned.
    6. Empires who break Galactic Law are subject to a trial of the other Empires. Captains who break Galactic Law must be court-martialed.

    Chat Thread:

    All Forms:

    Magic Reference:

    Inactive characters: If you have not played in 8 weeks or more go here:

    Empires :

    Empire Name: Strigidae Empire
    General Appearance: Hence their name, they look like owls. They are the size of a regular owl of their particular species. Even though they are physically small, their empire is massive and threats from them should never be ignored or taken lightly. They can use their talons as hands (like in Legend of the Guardians). Some of them can have natural abilities, such as telekinesis or telepathy. They wear armor, mainly battle claws and helmets, mostly when going into battle.
    Level: 9
    Username: Owl

    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name): Lunar Cat Empire
    General Appearance: Lunar Cats have a feline face and feline features. They are about the size of an average bloodhound or collie. Coat colors are the same as regular cats. They have bat-like wings Their hands and feet are akin to those of a cat's.
    Level: 8
    Username: Owl

    Empire Name: Kagetora Empire
    General Description: Humanoid build. Strong and muscular, Kagetoras stand very tall, usually around 7 to 8 feet. Pointed cat-like ears and can use sonar to navigate. Sharp, long hooked beak, like an eagle's. Being a raptor, their vision is spectacular. Large feathered wings, with an impressive 16 foot wingspan. Powerful, muscular arms with talon hands. Feet are also very raptor-like (picture a T-Rex foot) and can also grasp objects. Tail is long, and at the end is a deadly poison gland. Pelt ranges from indigo to sky blue, and is striped. Along the bird's sides, gray appears and fades to black. They are a light species. Most Kagetoras are compassionate, and mothers are very protective of their young.
    Other: None
    Level: 8; soon to be 9
    Username: Owl

    Empire Name: Terrellian Quadrantacle (has subspecies)
    General Appearance: Elf like. Skin shades of tan to purple. Neon green or blue diamond shaped plasma gems on forhead. Speckled and swirled paterns of glowing plasma continuing to temple down sides of neck, arms, torso, and legs. In daylight patern is white. Hair colors range from shades of red, brown, black, white, or purple. Ears are pointed. Eyes are Yellow or green, but glow to match their light pattern. Very muscular and fit. Uniforms are reinforced to absorb energy to be used and protect against blades and weather, they are black with plasma patterns (kind of like Tron) and a family crest on the chest. Captains wear a Red band from Right shoulder to hip with the Royal crest in gold. Double energizing swords are preferred weapons.
    Other: They have four types. Royalines (Kingsline or dukesline), Bachni (healers and close to royal lines), Shandor (rare but very skilled and can repress their light), Average Terrellian. Terrellians mature at 15 and have the potential to live immortal life spans. They either are hunted or get themselves killed. Are a High monarchy system and has both elders and a council for each world, and their worlds govern together through the Inner Circle (military issues) and the council gatherings among the home-worlds and colonies.
    Level: 8
    Username: Chic CAN

    Empire name: Rivven
    General Description: Rivvens resemble giant wolves. They can walk upright, and their fur can be any color. Some of them have wings and some of them have powers, such as the ability to control water, without needing to breathe Corbian gas. They are very strong, and they can communicate telepathically with other members of their race, although this ability diminishes the farther they are from the person they are talking to. They are generally a peaceable race, but they are excellent warriors, and a threat from them is not to be taken lightly. They have a strong sense of justice, and dislike seeing people being mistreated.
    Level: 8
    Username: bluedragonfire

    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name): Catopian Empire
    General Appearance: Capable of talking but has no other human characteristics. Large, furry, smart felines. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes and fur patterns. Also they walk on all fours, a trait separating them from most other cat-related species.
    Level: 9
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Empire Name: Kelishan Empire
    General Appearance:males are a dark blue skinned, females are light blue, they both have fangs, sharp claws for nails. The hair color be any human color. They have no eyebrows.
    Level: 8
    extra info: The Kelishan (by the fact that their home planet is stuck in another time zone, that the best i got for now XD) are the Elves from space [​IMG] what i mean is that they are pretty much immortal, but that immortality comes with a price, there is a sickness that kills off the old, and the weak, they cant handle the extreme cold (32F they are dead) and those (about 2/3 the people) with gifts have a shorter life span and is more likely to get the sickness. the Leshans ( Lishans mean "none Gifted" while Kelishan means "gifted ones", same people, just subgrouped because one doesnt have powers) are the ones with out a gift, meaning they are pretty much like humans, other then the blue skin, white eyes, fangs and claws for nails and that they, like the kelishans are in the sense immortal. oh and the fact that they rarely have kids.
    there clothing is more greek/roman base, but the government is more Japanese, AKA royal families, farmers, nobles, craftmen,merchants and the nomads.of which there is 3 casts (royal family) the Warrior Cast, the Religious cast, The Workers Cast, each working over there own cast of people, but for all, they have 3 of the royal family work together (which rarely works [​IMG]) on stuff that effects all the casts.the kelishans there is a good reason why (if any) kelishan would leave there home planet, some are extreme nomads, others, well crimes are rare for a reason.....
    Username: miss heny

    Empire Name: Shard Empire
    General Appearance:
    Dark: they normally have dark skin tones, hair and eyes are normal black, dark shades of brown, their crystals are also of the darker colors.
    Grey: they have shades of gray hair and eyes, from super light grey to silver their crystals can be any color, so can their skin color. they can be pulled to either the light or the dark, but most try to stay neutral.
    Light: their hair is of the fairer colors, their eyes the same, their crystals are of the lighter colors. their skin is also of the lighter skin tones.
    All: they look fairly human, having human skin tones (even tho, white and black skin tones are know, they are quite rare) they are of normal human heights. they are indeed from the light realm,
    Level: 9
    username: miss heny

    Empire Name: Sati Replice
    General Description: They have raptor feet, depending on the family line they could have tail,wing or horns. their hair and eyes can be nearly any color. Each family also have color markings. they can be from 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet. Because of their raptor feet they can jump very high, and kcik hard, they also have good sense in smell,hearing and seeing, but varies again by family. They all are quick learners, making them great for being Translators.
    Level: 9

    Empire Name: Dracon empire (the tribes name) Blood-Turn-Sand-Red tribe, Midnight-Sun Tribe (that are in this galaxy)
    General Appearance: vary from tribe to tribe but are nearly always the same, they have dragon like heads with human type body, they have scaled body. the royal blood have tails, while the commoners donts. there names are like warrior names (warrior cats) IE Bloodstone, Woodrose, that type of stuff, the leaders dont have a special ending at all.
    Level: i am saying level 6
    extra: it is Believed that there is only three tribes, each in different parts of the galaxy. believed to of come for Kelisha (Kelishans are deem a minority on their own planet, sharing it with 2 other races) they left after one of the many skirmish between the two races, the first one (know as the Blood-turn-sand-red (or Blood for short) Tribe) left and became space raiders, doing hit and run on any ships that they dare. the second tribe (know as the Midnight-Sun Tribe) lives on a desert planet, after years of living there they have develop a tough hide from the sun and the sandstorms that hit. Unlike the Blood tribe they are very docile, they only attacked when pushed into a corner. the last tribe, the first tribe is unknown what has happen to it.
    Username: miss heny

    Empire name: Memeruk Tribe (Centaurs)
    Appearance: Exactly like the mythological centaurs
    Planet names: Romania (main colony), Valtir, Pyrotus, Plataruis, Theronus
    Other: They are Centaurs descended form a large group that had been stranded on earth in ancient history. They fell from the way of light, and due to oversensitivity tend to be aggressive and can become evil and use black magic. They have superior vision which can magnify, and superior physical strength and agility. Are often massive like Shire horses They average range in height from 7-91/2 feet to the head(Centaurians are around 5 1/2-7 1/2 feet to the head). Nomadic type, like Vikings in nature, considered pirates. They most often have a male dominant gene which means they often need to go to Centauria to find wives. Life span is between 450-500 years, they reach Maturity at 25. (Some memeruk integrated back into Centauria and most often the light comes back when they a only 1/4 memeruk blood)
    Username: Chic CAN

    Empire Name: Cyberbug Empire
    General Descripton: six-legged cyborg insectoids with 1,000 green hexagonal eyes, thick skin, spider-like threads and feet. about 2' high, 6' long, and 5' legspan. hostile to intruders, humanoid-type creatures, and other hostile people. Very friendly to friends, loyal to masters. very strong, prized by any slavers in the galaxy. They prefer to use their threads to create snares and cannonballs for (unknown design) weapons on their flight pods. will NOT fly in any type of cruiser
    Level: 6
    Username: The4Chickeneers

    Empire Name: Sunbud
    General Description: They are plant creatures that need moisture and sunlight just like a plant. each Sunbud has a stem leading to a plant. Their head containing a part of a plant. each Sunbud has either a leaf, Bud, or a flower. A leaf is a kid or baby, a bud is a teenager to a young adult, a flower is an adult. Each Sunbud has tough, but silky smooth skin. When their skin it penetrated by certain things, a liquid so powerful shoves the pointy object out doesn't matter how strong the object maybe. Sunbud have no blood since their more like plants, but they have a special heart that doesn't pump.anything. Sunbuds start out as seeds and slowly develops into walking creature plants. If ant liquid or solid object emerge in their skin, the liquid shoved it out to keep the Sunbud clean and pure. All Sunbuds have purity and light within to keep them heath and kind. They could never loose the light but only gain it overtime.
    Other: They live on a planet called Rosary.
    Username: Hollieberry

    Empire name: Krokia Empire
    General Description: Pale skin, hair and eyes..Their stare can cause droziness...Their appearance can differ greatly considering from which part of the empire the come..
    Level: 6
    Username: 644171

    Empire Name: Moonshine Empire
    General Description: They look alike like wolves they can bend certain elements but cannot instantly kill with the elements. they are all kinds of colors. They have fur and rarely feathers. They usually have armor on but not all the time. Some have bat and angel wings while others don't. Some have markings that glow and some just have markings. You can see them with jewelry and suits to protect them from the enemies and each other. They also where it to resemble each other. The ones with shiny armor protects them from toxic and sharp weapons. They have excellent hearing and sight, and can detect species far away. They have emerald and sapphire eyes. They're really speedy and great jumpers. They live in the planet called Lilypedian.The captains and leaders where shiny Armour barely covering up in warm and cool colors to resemble power. The young ones are normally in suits to carry things or for war.
    Level: 7
    Username: Fuzzball4444

    Empire Name: Guardians Empire
    General Description: They look like griffins resembles allot. They have Armour on them to protect for fighting. The leaders and captains where shiny Armour and jewelry to resemble their power. They have feathered wings, beaks, hooves, paws, or claws. They travel in groups to attack. They have excellent hearing and sight. Their great flyer's, and fighters. The ones with silver Armour have deadly poisons. pure white or white and black or pure black Guradians are leaders or captains.
    Level: 7
    Characters:in process
    Username: Fuzzball4444

    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name): Raiders
    General Appearance: They are mean at times, they work together and fight what is theirs. They do anything to get money or revenge. They are stingy and stubborn at times. They love to trade and make deals. They are not willing to make easy paybacks, they will stand up for a fight. They are very bulky, have horns, and red markings. They have spectacular sight, smell. Their OK at hearing. They wear spike Armour to protect themselves, and show off to each other. They don't care much about being nice or helping. But love making deals.
    Level (levels 6 through 9 are allowed, 6 being very small and 9 being very large:) 8
    Usrname: Fuzzball4444

    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name):Achlys
    General Appearance:They on the planet Nayru as a outcast in the brims of the galaxy. They usually have fins,gills, fish tails, webbed feet, scales, wings but rarely. When the they get on land or out of the water they get paws, claws, wings, feet, hooves and other animal apperances. They have to be in water or they will die within months or even a year. Once they are back in water they grow back to they're water apperances. They're planet contains 90% water and 10% land. They're are only four species of the land dwellers that cannot go in water, or they will most likley die. They travel with water-dragon creatures to get to certain placee under the surface. On Nayru the water is alive and mobility to move to certain destinations. When they leave their palnet they have ships that cotain water to survive. They adapt very easily and fast to new areas.
    Level (levels 6 through 9 are allowed, 6 being very small and 9 being very large:)6
    Username: Chickencordonblue

    Empire Name: Sozarian Empire
    General Description: They normally look like Sith and are cruel and ruthless, they try to get everything they can.
    Level: 8
    Username: ipuppy

    Empire Name: Stake Empire
    General Description: They are weak yet strong spirited, they are under the control of the Sozarians and try to fight at times. They are strong but yet scared.
    Level: 6
    Username: ipuppy

    Empire Name: Auroa Empire
    General Description: Thery have unique coloring and unique powers, they are very nice but when harmed they get really vicious. They are very unique in so many ways, they love to do things, they listen real good and are peace with eachother. They where attacked and captured so many times, only a few remained. They are powerful and good at things. Thy live on a planet called Sidonia and they live on one resource that is keeping them and their planet alive, if taken the planet will die. But the resource is hidden away, that only one certain Auroa knows where it is.
    Level: 6
    Username: ipuppy

    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name): Lite
    General Appearance: They are type of almost see through birds, with shiny rainbow feather's. They aid the Moonshine empire at times, and others. They are very loving and peaceful. They will attack for a good purpose only. They aid the young Moonshiners in need or just to be nice. They're great flyer's, and see excellent. They live with Moonshiners on the planet Lilypedian, they are willing to make someones mood happier or lives. They believe in love, trust, peace, and something more. They have no armor just themselves and they shine brightly in the night. They can fly really fast and come invisible for a few minutes, but if they move you can slightly tell their there.
    Level (levels 6 through 9 are allowed, 6 being very small and 9 being very large:)6
    Username: ipuppy

    Empire name: Amberheart Empire
    General Description: They are like angels and fairies but have powers, and have wings too, if removed they grow back.. They are like humans in appearance, little only. They normally work in groups and help others, but sometimes changes their ways fast. They live on a small dwarf planet with a few rings with two big blue stars in it. Theyre planet is called Amber, because of its yellow appearance. They love animals and will treat them nicely.
    Level: 6
    Username: Sakirawolf

    Name:Shiruni General Description: Shirunians usually contain bird-feathered wings and ears to canine ears and tails. Their hair color matched the colors of their wings, ears, and tails. Their legs can be bird-like to human-like. Their arms are normally human-like or conjoined with their wings. their eye colors normally random and unplanned. They wear casual clothing and jewelry that have mystic gems embedded in them. They are light for flight and strong-spirited with each other. each Shiruni is born with a gem on their belly button, to reveal what power and type of Shiruni they dwell. If they lock their eyes on the opposite sex for more than ten minutes, it means they have fallen for that one they gazed at. They have a born ability to ressurect someone, but most give up their life to do it. They live for countless centuries and are immune to all sicknesseand diseases. When they parish, their souls enter their born gem and the gem is either carried on clothes or Jewlery. Some of their gems are released to the light world. They are masters at Bronze magic and willing to teach.
    Other:There are three types of Shirunis one is the Knine, feathered and Resucue. The Knine have wolf-like ears and a bushy fox-like tail. they have no wings or talons, but have humanoid feet and hands. The Feathered have bird wings and ears. Some contain bird-like feet with talons, while others have humanoid feet. The Rescucue have a bronze gem, revealing their the best at magic casting and has the most light out of them all. They grow the fastest out of them. They have metallic wings and a golden halo with elf ears.
    Level: 6
    Username: Nightwish



    Species: Nest-maid Snake
    Appearance: Nest-maid snakes are blind snakes with scales that range from light pink to purple. The underside is usually a creamy white.
    Homeworld Name: Tyto
    Other: Hence their name, they are nest-maids for the Strigidaes, keeping hollows clean and free of vermin. Even though they are blind, their other senses are greatly increased, and can almost be considered telepathic. They take great pride in their jobs as nest-maids as they believe that Strigidaes are the superior species in the galaxy because of their digestive system.


    Species: Centaurian
    Appearance: Exactly like the mythological centaurs
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): Centauria (monarchy)
    Other: They have superior vision wich can magnify, and superior physical strength and agility. Only 2 have wings Admiral Nark and The Condor (unless a new one is gifted with that type of Corbain ability or birth. Some females are Sirens. The Condor is the only male Siren. They are internal light creatures. Strong characteristics are nobility, honor, loyalty, self control, balance and strategy. (they are not any where near as patient as Terrellians, but are good at exercising it... no one's perfect. Terrellian ride them in battle, and can combine light strength. Life span is between 450-500 years, they reach Maturity at 25. (has a rogue tribe called Memeruke)

    Species: Mobguar
    Appearance: Dragon- varies in shape and form. Color of scales vary from purple, green, red, and blue, with gold or silver tips. There are no black scaled Mobguars.
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): Mobguantas (monarchy)
    Other: Mobguars are known for for having the biggest hearts of all, agility, and strength, plus they can fly, breathe fire, and some can spit blinding sputum. Their fire does not burn any of the Quatrantacle members of creatures of light. Terrellians ride them in battle. They can carry Cantaurians in flight. Their scales are difficult to penetrate. They can communicate telepathically if a life link is established (a rider or carrier only). They are an internal light creature. They often eat an entire cow then go to sleep for years. Only a few stay awake with average sleep patterns an are the ones that guard and serve in the Terrellian forces. They others wait to be awakened. Imortal life span but can be killed.

    Species: Kohl
    Appearance: Sort of shaped like Gollum, but with elf-like eyes, ears are shaped like small fins. They come covered in different colored fuz. They sprout wings made or colored light (fairy stage).
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): Kendara (monarchy)
    Other: They are very loyal, can carry a Terrellian or and creature smaller in flight. They can blend into a background like a camellian. They can shrink to fit in small spaces. They can speak to wildlife, and take control of certain ones. They are an external light species, the only light glowing in in their eyes, and wings (wings can disappear). Live about 10,000 years

    Species: Quilin
    General Description: uhh, I have pic LOL. They have assortment of breath abilities. Also they have two different type of "sights" one is heat vision, the other is that they can see the "life force" Of other species, making were they can tell if the person if front of them is really the species they are trying to be, This sight do have a side effect though.... Also they are a size of a horse, or bigger.
    Level: 9 On technology, but about 7 for land.
    Username: Miss Heny

    Species Name: Drex
    Empire: Terrellian
    General Description: They look like upright border collies. Tall and muscular, like the Kishus; usually stand from around 6'3 to 7'8. Superior strength and speed. They can communicate telepathically.
    Homeworld Name: Drexia
    Other: It is being debated whether or not the new Drex will join the Quadrantacle, or if they will start a new Empire. They have since turned to light; however, there are still rogues...


    Species: Light Kelishans
    Appearance: Like all Kelishans, but with Light markings, also can handle the cold, but can become sick. They do have natural born abilities.
    Homeworld Name: Same as the Qilin, which is hidden.
    Other: Many times ride Qilins in battle, or for just plain fun.
    Characters:Dezorothos(Honey color hair),Theyor(Deep honey blonde), Jekinshen (Twin to Dez).
    username: Miss heny


    Species: Trebblins
    Appearance: they are round, floating fuzz balls
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): Trebblina
    Other: Normally a nuisance race, Hitch hiking on any ship they can get on. a few of the darker Trebblins can over time suck the life force away, but they are normally killed, and by the dracons they are deep good eats.

    Species: Minotaur
    Appearance: Like the myth they have a bull like head, but there is male and females. Their fur can be any normal cow fur, eyes are normally brown, but a few blues can be found, they are quite tall, about 8 feet is the norm
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): depending on which race, it is some times called the Minotaur homeworld, or Gladala (mainly by the minotaurs) they do have colonies that have both shard and Minotaur living in peace.
    Other: They are quickly to anger. also they are quite strong (not super strength, they cant destroy a boulder or any of that, but it comes handy for opening doors)

    Species: Aracna
    Appearance: They have humanoid upper body, six eyes. their lower half is over a spider
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): TBA
    Other: They right now just came to the shard empire, little is know of them... (that is what the shard know XD) They have poison in their fang like teeth, which attack Mentally, the cure for it is lost. or so it seems.. females rule over males.

    Species: Grey shard
    Appearance: they normal have hair that are shades of grey, same with hair. their skin tone varies, but is neither to dark, or to light. they say to be neutral but more and more are becoming raiders..
    Homeworld Name (each subspecies has a different homeworld): Grey
    Other: have silver eyes born among their ranks.


    Species Name: Succubis
    General Description:They have bat-like wings and devil-like tails. They either have horns, bat-like wings or none. Their hair color is normally black to red, sometimes brown, but rarely blonde and exotic colors. They wear short and miniature clothing for easier traveling and to impress. They get in fights and cause trouble. They have the gem belly button, born ability like the Shiruni, and live forever too. Instead of gazing at the ones they may like, they try and impress them. When the Succubis die their souls go into the gem like the Shirunis. The men rule the women and treat them like house wives. Homeworld Name: Succibic
    Other:Their is only one type of Succubis.



    Chic CAN
    miss heny
    Black Panther
    Beaky buzzard

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