I was introduced to ducks in Jan of 2011 and fell in love with them. Unfortunately we lost our 3 older ducks to predators and 1 to a neighbors dog (or so we suspect)! All 3 ducks were attacked at night as they were not penned up and were free to roam in and out of our yard and the large pond next to our house. Fortunatley she was sitting the nest so I had taken some of her eggs for my boys to watch the incubation process. Now we have 3 of their little babies. Tipsy (Blue Swedish) was the daddy and he was like our pet dog. He would hear my boys open the door and he would come running to greet them. Our females were Snuggie (Blue Swedish) and Ringa (Buff) these 3 babies are from Tipsy and Ringa.
We are trapping away some of our varmit problem and hopefully will keep them at bay! Husband is building me a Shed/Duck House for Xmas :) so we hope to keep them penned up at night and increase their lifespan beyond a year~
I have 7 more duck eggs in the incubator now from another friend to mix the gene pool up. These are due to hatch Dec 23rd and all 7 were candled tonight with success!