Coop De Bill
For many years I had an interest in chickens and small scale farming in general. When I finally had a house of my own, I had room for garden and then created the space for a chicken coop, with the blessing of my better half. I'm skilled in many things but buliding is not a skill I'm vey good at. Thank god my brother is a carpenter by trade and a willing helper.
My design was really all in my head. My idea was to build a traditional New England chicken coop with a run attatched.

Here's the 8x8 base to work up from. As you can see, I was anxious for spring to arrive.
The door was recycled from an old screened porch. We modofied it to hold a window.

Here are some progress pictures

The two windows were bought from a Habitat for humanity surplus store for $14

I wanted a sliding pop door.

My plan was for 15 hens so I installed 3 nest boxes. Again, the designs were mostly in my head.

As you can see from the inside picture I used a cheap sheet of linoleum for the floor.
I brooded my chicks in the coop, I have power close by. I built the brooder which can be removed and used again.

I really liked the droppings board idea and it's working like a charm. Very quick and easy clean up.

My ventilation from the inside and out. It's all adjustable from the outside.

The 6ft high run is made from PT lumber. The posts are cemented and I used hardware cloth all around. The top is welded wire 2x3inch. I buried the wire a foot down and used old patio block scraps and such to create a strong barrier.

To me, nothing says New England like a stone wall so I used stones to create a foundation look to the coop.

More run progress pics

I finished off the run with some landscaping to brighten it up. The overhang was an idea to protect the food and water and a place for the birds to get out of the weather.

Just add chickens and the fun begins.

The first egg.

This has been my first experience with chickens. So far I can't think of anything I would change about my coop.

Update 2/13.2011

All has gone well for almost two years now. A few losses but no great concerns. The one thing I would change after two winter's would be to cover the run. I do have wire over the top but would have loved a solid roof to keep out the element's. I have had no predator break in's at all thank's to my predator proofing, and I keep my pop door open all the time.

2/23/12 Well the mild winter continues and I'm looking forward to getting my new flock of chicks, probably in May. Have cleaned around the coop and the brooder is ready. Should be getting 12-15 chicks.