Hello and Welcome to our BYC "Building the Coop" page. We have so enjoyed the many wonderful BYC pages and pictures that we wanted to share ours too!

We are a Christian homeschooling family of three that started our chicken adventure, like many on BYC, as a school project and an addition to a more sustainable lifestyle. I am a retired x-ray tech and now a Homeschool Mom and Brian is an Electrician at the local hospital and a Navy Seabee Reservist of 25 years.
When Brian started a chicken coop,. I wasn't expecting the great coop he built,. and Olivia (DD 16) and I ( and the chickens) are thrilled with it,.he did almost all the work himself with Olivia's help. I helped but mostly just admired their work and made cold tea and watched the incubator!
It's still a work in progress as time allows.
We are working on a SQ line of Barnevelders and Australorps and have some just for laying pretty eggs. We already have too many! Chicken math at work!
We are in a rural subdivision and blessed to have chicken friendly neighbors.
After Hurricane Katrina took out over 40 trees on our property,. We really didn't want to take out any more,. but we had to make room for the coop,.. Olivia tried to take pics as we went along,. there are so many wonderful coops on BYC we perused them all looking for info and can say we would have made a LOT of mistakes without all the education here! Thanks BYC'ers!
Our Chickens are on the Mobile Fertilizer Page: https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=65410-our-mobile-fertilizers


We started clearing the woods behind them for the coop the day after this was taken.


After clearing a space,..a LOT of dirt had to be hauled in to keep it high and dry in this rainy place. then it started going up!
Brian had never built anything like this so it was learn as he went! It's going to be a covered coop and run.



Working on the floor of the coop.


Measure twice. Cut once!




Roof is going on!

Working until dark!

Pawpaw Ed donated the door. It's the old door from Brian's parents house!
I love it.

She paints for room and board!


It's really starting to look like something! Walls and roof and door and paint!
This is a good view to show the coop in the corner,.... and the L-shaped run.

You can see how the roof is vaulted over the open top of the coop. This will allow plenty of ventilation and cooling in these hot humid
Louisiana summers ( and springs and falls)! I love this idea!

He's going to screen it in around the sides,.. No skeeters on our girls!

.....and here it is screened in!

Building the poop board....

Poop board finished and another window built!

Poop board inspection! Brian got the laminate free from work,.. it was headed for the dumpster!
Free is GOOD!


This goes all the way around the coop/run.

There is hardware cloth stapled on with heavey duty fencing staples and then all the staples covered with another layer of wood!

It was like building it twice,. but no critter is getting in this coop!

Or Out!
the chain link was a temporay door,...
then he built this one.


This will be a window.

And here it is. The inspection crew is checking it all out.
taking a break

Nest Box on the way!


Finished except for trim work! Now on to the electrical!


Now you see it....
Now you don't,
I wonder if DH will let me hook up A/C for the girls??

Look who was coming in low for a closer look!!!!

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