Hi! My name is Kate, and this is the site for my little farm.
My Husband and I live south of Vilonia, Arkansas with Goats, chickens, Dogs, cats, Raccoon, and the occasional opossum. We moved here in September of 2007, and have loved it! We've hit some sngas as newbie Farm owners, but with the help of great people like BYCers, we are finally getting the hang of things.
Let me introduce you to the family.​
The Chickens
Currently I have Seven Chickens-Four hens/pullets, and three cockerels. They Are mostly BBRed OEG Bantams, but Addie was a rescue with a murky back ground.​
This is Buddy. He is wintering with us while his owner gets a coop built. He literally fell off of a Tyson Chicken Truck near Fayetteville. He is quite Handsome, dont you think?​