BC Chickens
Brenda and Carmen
Whispering Winds Animal Connection LLC
Coventry, CT

Ordered our first set of chicks, 6 Buff Orpintons and 6 Golden Comets, from the local Mackey's on March 23, 2011.
UPDATE! The Comets have arrived today, April 15, 2011!! They are now safely in their new home!
UPDATE: The Buff Orpingtons have arrived today, April 21, 2011!
UPDATE: They're out of the brooder and out in the coop, May 31, 2011!
UPDATE: FREE RANGE and loving it, June 15, 2011!
UPDATE: Woo hoo - our first eggs July 29, 2011!

Phase 1: This is their first home (after the eggshells they were in, of course
) It's out in our barn in the tack room complete with water, feed and heat lamp.

And here are our first 6 chicks, the Golden Comets! Meet Halley, Gale, Biela, Helin, Faye and Ikeya - yes, they are all named for astronomers who discovered comets

Here's our second set of chicks, the Buff Orpingtons - Brenda's naming them after princesses. They seem to be getting along just fine with their older siblings!

It was time to move everyone from the tack room to one of the stalls - we didn't want them flying out and not able to get back in! Plus, it was getting a little crowded in there so now they have room to wander!Phase 2:
.Phase 3: This will be their next home, a pre-constructed coop from the folks at "The Barn Yard". It's out in our backyard in full view from all the windows in back of our home. We will be adding a run made of chain link fencing before it's time for the chickens to move in
Phase 4: It was Graduation Day on May 31st as the girls were moved from the barn to their new home in the coop!

Phase 5: Home, home on the range! Apparently they love wandering around the backyard now.

Phase 6: Our first eggs!! And they're only 3 1/2 months old - the chickens, that is not the eggs