Bea and granite:a friendship blooming

By Cluckcluck1215 · Aug 17, 2016 · ·
  1. Cluckcluck1215
    Breed:barred rock
    Age:7 and a half and still counting!
    Where you got them:my best frend

    Breed:barred rock
    Age:1 and a half years.
    Where you got them:paris farmers union girl.she is 7 and a half years old,she lays me eggs everyday.i love her so much.she can be mean to my younger hens, but granite, there.the friendship blossomed.i have typed the many times.and I am willing to type it again.i wish to never part with my girl, but I know someday, I will have to.

    A sad day for Bea:eek:ne day, I came home that night and I went I into the coop to lock them up, I saw livi, Beas half sister(who she love so much)on the sister rushed to get a box and heat lamp and I carred her inside(it was winter)she died in my arms.almost 8 years old.R.I.P livi.i miss you.

    Bea is attacked!:when Bea was three years old, she was attacked by a dog.the lady who owned the dog paid for the vet bills, and made cookies.when I went in to check on Bea, livi stood in front of her to protect her.since then Bea has never been hurt or sick.



    Thank you for reading.


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  1. chicken4prez
    What a cute story!
  2. RodNTN
    Aww, that's sweet!
  3. Whittni
    Cute chicken.
  4. Cluckcluck1215
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