Hi! Thanks for visiting my page!
I live in North Central Illinois with my wife and two boys. We are new to Chickens, this is our first few.
After a bit of research I decided to pick up 3-4 Plymouth Rocks and start building a tractor style coop. My son and I framed out the tractor and I got things together for a brooder. Then we went to Farm & Fleet and the plan went out the window.... We came home with 8 birds. 3 White Rocks, 3 BO's, and 2 EE's. So, I proceeded to rip apart the tractor and start over. Our 4x4 tractor became an 8x4 and now I am playing catch up when I thought I was ahead of the game! Oh well... I made a really big cardboard enclosure in the garage for them until the coop is finished and they go outside whenever we can get them out there.UPDATE- 5/25/10 The girls are in the coop!

Here they are as little peepers!

Playing in the backyard.

5 Weeks and they are doing well!

Painting the base of the tractor.

Here's the coop framed out. I used all scrap lumber. Total cost of coop is less than $150.

The coop is not completely done yet, but it is livable. I still need to put on the roof panel and trim.






This is QC. She is the family favorite, and the only one with a name. (So far) She is a really calm and sweet EE.


Here's QC's baby picture!!


17 Weeks old now. 7/24/10

Update: 12/10/2011

I have moved and had to rehome all my birds due to a long distance move. They are in great care and doing well! The coop went to a friends farm for a showbird coop to keep them seperate from the rest of their large flock.
I hope to get some birds again in the next year or so.