Beautiful Big Buff Orpingtons

By HSR Marans · Feb 24, 2012 ·
  1. HSR Marans
    Beautiful Big Buff Orpingtons, everybody wants them. I saw my first Buff Orpington, as most people have, at the local feed store. When I purchased twelve of them I thought," This is it, I'm a breeder of Buff Orpingtons" Much to my surprise these feed store chicks grew into the smallest "Large Fowl" Orpingtons I'd ever seen.

    Now, many years later, I am a breeder and among the breed I have the Buff Orpington is still my all time favorite. I spent some time way back then researching all the available lines. There were so many to choose from I just couldn't decide.

    I had the opportunity to attend a large poultry show and at this show I caught site of the Standard for Buff Orpingtons. Wow, you could have knocked me over with a "feather". I'd never, in my experience, seen anything so majestic. These birds were, in short, massive! They left quite an impression on me.

    Later that year a girlfriend of mine told me she had set a batch of Buff eggs given to her by a lady near her home. These eggs were from the Clevenger/Coulter line. Over 60 years of meticulous breeding had gone into this line. Intrigued I couldn't wait to see those chicks. At 5 months of age they were larger than anything I had in my breeding pens. When they started laying she gifted me two dozen hatching eggs, which I greedily took home and placed in my Redwood incubator. I promptly started counting the days. Three weeks later I was blessed with 21 little yellow fluff balls. These little yellow fluff balls are now the foundation for my Buff Orpington breeding stock. You can view these amazing birds on my web site.


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