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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

By SillyChicken · Jun 18, 2013 · Updated Jun 18, 2013 · ·
  1. SillyChicken
    On our little family farm we have a variety of birds... Salmon Faverolles, Sumatra and turkeys. A couple years ago a member on BYC produced a bunch of rather ugly chickens, a rather odd and wonderfully spontaneous burst of chicky features. They are a mix of silkie, turken, bantys, frizzles, some polish and Gonzos! I was given the gift of a few uggos and have a few pairs running amok on our farm. Well, one of the members on the Michigan thread said they were Uggo chickens and the name kinda stuck! I think there is even an uggo fan page ( https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/697508/uggo-fan-page ). (I apologize I cannot remember who named them)
    This spring I tossed some eggs in the bator and much to my surprise, out hatched out a little black uggo chick... cute as a button! Well, I kept referring to the chick as the uggo.. and well it sorta became his name......

    Meet Uggo! Uggo has his own fan club on face book and is going to have his own product line! PM me if you want the link!


    Baby it's cold out side!! I snipped the finger off a glove to
    keep uggo's neck warm, it was a cold spring up in
    MI this year!​


    Uggo is starting to get his bowtie in! (photo below)

    Uggo is pretty friendly. He comes running up to me looking for treats and follows me all over the yard.
    Talk about a lot of changes.. He stared out a little black n white chick and then turned all black.. and now he's got all sorts of colors popping out!


    <<<---I think Uggo and Gonzo look a lot alike!--->>>

    One day I got bored and Uggo was an inspiration for a quick drawing....

    *This drawing is copyrighted, please do not reproduce it!

    A few folks on the MI thread liked him and suggested a shirt for chicken stock (not everyone appreciates that which is called Uggo)...but hey... anything that spurs inspiration is cool with me! So, here is our CS shirt for 2013!


    *This drawing/design is copyrighted, please do not reproduce it!

    Which of course has encouraged me to start a little shop up for Uggo...

    This is his new coffee mug design!!

    Here is Uggo a few days ago..Sporting his new bowtie and he is getting a lot of green and tan feathers on his body and his head is growing longer tan feathers on top of his head...so, there you have it!

    *This drawing/design is copyrighted, please do not reproduce it!
    Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!

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  1. SillyChicken
    Unfortunately, Uggo the roo went to the great coop in the sky in 2017. He was a good roo.
  2. RaZ
    I miss my Uggos. Lemon and Pepper are living at BYFM's right now.

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