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By mabhera · Jun 24, 2012 · Updated Aug 3, 2012 ·
  1. mabhera
    Page in you can tell me if you want anything.

    This page is made with the purpose of swapping some of my homemade items for hatching eggs.
    I'll do side swapping also!!!!

    Swaps I owe-

    swaps Owed to-
    crazypetlady- 6 black copper marans hatching eggs

    What I want-

    Hatching eggs of black copper marans, Marans in general, ameraucanas, or araucanas. Really nice colors.

    What I offer-

    homemade soap- regular size or wedding/birthday/party flavors. I make the party soaps but you have to make your own deco.

    -homemade laundry detergent

    -Homemade shaving soap and brush set.( Custom made)[​IMG]

    -homemade mineral powder makeup (kosher rice and minerals)

    -body creams

    -homemade face serums made for the needs of your skin

    -facial clays (Selection of 5 of them)

    -1 pound dry homemade laundry detergent (will last months)

    - 1 pound raw shea butter

    -1/2 pound of kosher powder rice (cosmetic) Included is a small jar with shifter so you can use it in your makeup area. This powder is used as a translucent powder good for people with oily skin.

    -soap additives (have to check What I have)

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